Router blocks comps traffic, need help...

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Bob34, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Bob34

    Bob34 LI Guru Member

    Running Thibor's 15c currently and Syslogging to another computer. I'm such a newbie... so I apoligize before hand.

    Every so often traffic from my main computer is completely blocked (in and out), can't access router (telnet or http). I had an older comp laying around and running it to log since if all traffics being blocked to my main, I can't see whats going on.

    No p2p activity going on, mainly HTTP traffic since I'm testing. QoS is currently off, using Static DHCP, DNSMasq is DNS only option for DNS. Port forwarding is enabled (some game ports to this comp, and some p2p ports to my bro's), Access Restrictions is not.

    Anyways, when it happens, nothing shows up on the syslog. I attempt to do a DHCP Release/Renew, the log shows the comp requesting, if server doesn't respond, I won't get access (even if i change to static ips). The older comp has no access problems whatsoever during this time. Been searching and searching the web trying to figure out whats going on, but kinda hard to do on an ancient comp =\

    Any help, cmds, whatever would be appreciated. I've tried multiple times reflashing, clear NVRAM, etc.
  2. Bob34

    Bob34 LI Guru Member

    Hmm, well I'm doing Packet Capturing on the comp with the problem. Pretty much what I expected, when the problem happens, packets go out, and thats it. This comp is exactly the same, down to the Ethernet cable, it was the hours before I switched out my old BEFSR41 to this router. I'm suspecting ZoneAlarm, since thats the only thing that can possibly stop something from going out (Win2K so no built in firewall, TCP/IP Filters off) but the problem happens with it off or not (I check Services + Hidden driver).

    I am correct though that Syslogging would show everything the router sees right? There isn't any extra commands? I know I"m new I shouldn't be this annoying, but its driving me nuts all day. I dont' see one consistent thing when it happens. Even if I get a successful DHCP renew it might pop up right away.
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