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    Hi. I have a network set up like this:
    DSL modem -
    WRT54GL(1) -

    That part works great. I purchased a WET54G bridge and put a second WRT54GL router behind that
    WET54G -
    WRT54GL(2) -

    So that the final flow should look like this: Router2<->Bridge<->Router1 <-> DSL

    I can plug a PC directly into the bridge and get to the WRT54g(1) and out to the net just fine. I can configure the bridge just fine. If I disconnect the PC from the bridge and plug into the WRT54GL(2) I can configure that router just fine.

    But I can't plug into the router WRT54GL(2) and thence go to the bridge and out onto the net. I'm sure I just need to change the addresses of the bridge and the (2) router. However, I can't seem to find the right combination of addresses that will permit me to connect to the bridge or, indeed, to the net. Anyone help?
    The way I want to go is PC<-> WRT54GL(2) <-> Bridge <-> WRT54GL(1) <-> DSL

    I'd not want to change the addresses of the DSL modem or the WRT54GL(1). The bridge and the second router are certainly up for grabs. Thanks.
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