router connected to the dd-wrt wan port

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by R0ut3r, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. R0ut3r

    R0ut3r Network Guru Member

    hi to all, :help:
    i'm having a big trobule with a wrt54gs "dd-wrt powered" and a wan connection
    due to a bad provider connection protocol seems that i cannot use the adsl2mue modem connected to it..

    if i wanna use the old router and connect it to the wan port of the wrt wich settings u suggest?
    i'd like to use only the wrt to setup the lan (port forw/firew/dhcpd/etc) and to use the old router like a modem (put the wrt in the dmz?)
    these settings are corrected??
    wan router (lan side) ... dmz to
    wrt (internet connection) static
    wrt (an side) (so i can see the old router gui, true?)

    i see the advanced routing table too, can this one help me?
    any suggestion, link or example?

  2. R0ut3r

    R0ut3r Network Guru Member

    happy easter :)

    no one can help me?
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