router/connection problems with wrt, advise needed

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Betray, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Betray

    Betray Network Guru Member

    i got 2 wired computers, and 3 wireless

    i was running a wrtg54 1.0.

    the problem was, every so offten (1-7 days) my router felt like it got jammed. and what i mean by that. non of the networked computers could surf the web anymore. nothing worked except maybe if one computer was on messenger, it could still communicate with people. to fix the problem, i had to reset the router. everytime i reset the router everything clears up and then its a waiting game. well after that point i was convinced it was my firmware or the router itself. I downgraded to a older firmware i knew worked (nope still problems). so i played around with another firmware and thats when i bricked it (oops).

    i went grabbed another router (wrtg54s v4) and to my suprise the same problems occur!!!! my thoughts are that running these 3 wireless and 2 wired networks are confusing the router.. any thoughts? help? advice? thank you!
  2. Betray

    Betray Network Guru Member

    no recommendations?
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