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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by munz, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I have the small Home Wireless-G Router HR200 (with one internet port, one ethernet port, no external antenna/antenna port) connected to my primary desktop via ethernet cable. I have a second desktop connected to the router using wifi PCI Adaptor WMP54G. Last week the speed was fairly stable (upto 2.2 MBps or 17.6Mbps) where I managed to transfer roughly 80GB over a 12 hour period.

    For some reason it has slowed down and I'm not sure why (~500KBps or 4Mbps) and sometimes it spikes up to the ~1.xMBps range. The computers and accessories are fixed in their respective positions and I have attempted to change channels in order to avoid interference with little effect.

    I am using Firmware Version: v1.00.3 and have been unable to update this from the Linksys website. There is no firmware for HR200, and the only closest match is WRT54GC. The zip file I downloaded from the linksys website is labeled wrt54gc+fw1028. It contains an ISO file which doesn't work. Here's a list of the different firmware/zip files i have downloaded from the different linksys websites and attempted to update this router's firmware, all have exhibited the same error:


    I have tried updating the firmware using internet explorer and going into the router's settings (Admin-->Firmware upgrade) with the following error: "Error: Upgrade file is not the correct type or version for this device. Upgrade failed. Please obtain the correct file and try again." I have also tried upgrading the firmware using tftp, and I still get an error. None of the files I download from the linksys websites work. I have tried burning the ISO files to CD-R and windows reports the CD is corrupt or in a format not compatible with windows. How may I upgrade the firmware? Will this solve the low bandwidth speed problem? Finally, how may I make a backup of my current Firmware Version: v1.00.3?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks & Regards

    PS: Sometimes, turning the router on and off makes it work normally for a short period of time.
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