Router freezing? Linksys WAG54GS ver 1.1

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by TriCsTeR, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. TriCsTeR

    TriCsTeR Guest

    Have checked but didn't find a post on this in a jiffy...

    The problem i'm having is this, at points i just totally lose my connection to the internet and even are unable to reach the router itself.

    I've set the router to mail me reports and stuff, but that didn't get me anyware on what could be going on.
    Firmware version 1.00.08

    Does anyone know if this version of router and firmware have got bugs in it?

    I've done several things on networking and stuff but am lost at the moment.

    Hopefully someone here knows a solution or otherwise i'll be forced to turn it back in at the store where i got it or dump it towards linksys.

  2. teaker1s

    teaker1s LI Guru Member

    I spoke to useless indian support and i'm running V1.00.09C firmware and have read reports of crashing and dropping the dsl, there appears to be an issue with power supply over voltage it's rated at 12v 1A mine router is extremely hot and i'm sure this is the problem as the power supply is putting out 18volts. I've found a correct alternative and it's much cooler-time will tell

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