Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by KSight3, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. KSight3

    KSight3 Network Guru Member

    I have the WRT54GS Model (Wireless-G Router w/ SpeedBooster)

    Recently it seems that everyday (and literally once a day) I'm unable to use my internet browser (Mozilla Firefox) even though the router and the DSL looks perfectly fine. So I take the following procedures where I reset the DSL, reset the router, and go to my basic set up page. If that doesn't work I reset the DSL and the router again, and reinstall using the Setup Wizard CD. After about 5 minutes or so I'm able to use it again, but the next day, I have to repeat all these steps.

    Some info...
    Currently I use DSL from SBC
    I have the router set as DHCP (the automatic configuration) [At first I wanted to use the PPPoE, but it didnt seem to be working, and I realized the DHCP works...maybe someone knows how to get the PPPoE to work since that's probably what I'm suppose to be using?]
    I have the MTU set as 1492

    If you need any other information I can post it on here...
  2. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    To get ppoe to work you would have to hook your computer directly to the modem and configure its settings (usually by accessing to allow the PPOe to be done by a device other than itself.

    EDIT: Also I know there are some settings (Hearbeat? maybe?) that can be used from from the router to keep you connection alive. Have you looked into these.
  3. KSight3

    KSight3 Network Guru Member

    Hmmm I forgot to mention my computer itself is not connected via wireless (I'm using the blue cord that came with the router). The only reason I have the wireless router is because I'm getting a laptop soon and that will be on wireless.

    I'm confused on what you mean by getting the PPPoE to work...If I connect the computer directly from the modem how would I connect it to the router? When I get my laptop I went it setup so that I can use the PC and the laptop at the same time...(isn't that the whole purpose of getting the router?)

    I also don't know what a hearbeat is >.< could you explain it to me :O
  4. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    You need to connect to your modem directly (w/o the router) and set it to bridge mode so that it doesn't attempt to establish the PPoE connection itself.

    What is happening in your situation is the modem is getting the PPoE connection from SBC and the router is getting an IP from the modem via DHCP. This is "double nat'ing". If you do any gaming this will definately increase your pings, and may be causing routing issues.

    So what you'll have to do is:

    1. connect the modem directly to your computer.

    2. access the modems config page (usually

    3. set the modem to bridge mode, or disable nat

    4. connect the router between the modem and the computer.

    5. access the router config page and configure PPoE w/ your username/pass.

    6. reboot
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what ISP are you using?
  6. KSight3

    KSight3 Network Guru Member

    OK, first I disconnected all the lines from the router / modem -> (The DSL line from the phone jack is obviously still connected to the modem, as well as the power for AV for both the Router and the DSL) I connected the ethernet line to my computer -> set the modem to bridge mode ->

    And then I'm confused....if I have the modem connected to the computer, what do I connect the router with, and how do I connect it to the computer?

    I set my router to PPPoE and rebooted -> none of the applications function (including the DSL / Router page i.e. and I reset the modem (back to PPP on modem mode)

    So now I'm currently simply connected via DSL (as if I don't have a router). I could always set it up so that the router is connected but I decided until I can fix this issue I will just connect it via DSL so that I don't have to reinstall everyday. I'm back to square 1. I'm assuming I'd prefer to have my settings so that it is bridged (since I am using wireless connection for my PC / laptop for gaming) but I'm not quite sure how to do it >.< (Sorry I'm such a network newbie)

    My ISP is SBC DSL? I'm not sure what you're asking
  7. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    once you set the modem to bridge mode, connect everything the way it was...


    you have to connect directly to the modem to put it in bridge mode, then add the router to the mix, and configure it for ppoe
  8. KSight3

    KSight3 Network Guru Member

    So you mean the way I had it set up as DHCP? As in the only change I make is changing the modem to bridge mode...?

    Also, my friend says it might have to do with firmware (but me being a complete newbie I have no idea what that is...can someone explain to me what it is and what it might have to do with my current situation?)
  9. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    no configure the router for ppoe, but make the physical cable connections like they were before
  10. KSight3

    KSight3 Network Guru Member

    OK Thank you it seems to be working now. I'll post here again if the connection dies...

    Just to make sure...
    When I get my laptop with the wireless card I can make it receive connection from the router and use the laptop and the PC at the same time without problems of having high ping correct?
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