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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Digitaldoc, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Digitaldoc

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    I have the following Linksys routers. I have tried them all. No matter what router I use, my broadband speed is frequently greatly reduced with the router. Specifically, when I ping without connecting the router I constantly get speeds of 85 ms. When I connect the router back into the equation, my ping rate crawls ranging from 1800- 2400 ms! This is not always the case but alll to frequently, my router slows my connection greatly! I have changed cables and of course routers. I can't blame my ISP because when my modem goes directly into my computer, as noted above, I ping at 85 ms. I've use the latest firware and have even tried older firmware. I do have 4 other wifi computers connected (kids) but it doesn't matter if their computer is on or off. I realize that any router will add packets but not so much as to slow my surfing speed so drastically. Right now I am pinging at 950 ms. As soon as I remove the cable into my router and go directly to my NIC card I can ping at 85 ms!

    Any suggestions or thoughts. Linksy tech has given up on me.
  2. Lazybones

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    I can't explain why that would be happening I ping at 80 - 90 ms through my WRT54GS...

    Have you tried playing with the MTU setting? The default auto setting might not work well with your ISP.. There are plenty of guides on the net for how to optize your connection..

    Another thing to test is to turn off the wireless all together and ONLY hook up your PC.. If by chance you have P2P apps running on another computer, that might bog the router down.. Heck even one p2p app configured in a router unsafe way can do that.
  3. Digitaldoc

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    Thanks for the thoughts!

    Yep, custom changes to MTU as well. Interestingly, any changes I make in the firmware with MTU or even SSID result in improved speed for several pings which then degrades back.
    Yes, when I connect my PC alone all is well. Tell me more about P2P. How would I know if I have an errant P2P? All my kids are peer to peer on their computers with Linksys wifi receptors. My kids are downloading and listening to music and movies all the time but even when their computers are turned off the problem remains.

    Addendum: I think it is P2P. I may be wrong in thinking all the computers are of line. I just checked. One of my kids like to turn of his monitor so his siblings think his computer is off. In the meantime he's gone surfing but his computer is busy downloading! Since terminating his connection I am pinging at 87ms!
  4. Digitaldoc

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    It appears that any downloads increase the ping rate even on my local box. For example, I am now downloading with iPodder software. Multiple network downloads on various wifi desktop computers, really increase the ping rate!

    My DSL provider blames Linksys, because the problem does not exist, when the router is out of the equation. Linksys has no viable treatment that lasts. Any router firmware changes recommended by Linksys, improve throughput for several minutes only!

    While I can isolate the problem, there does not seem to be a cure other than minimize any downloads.
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