Router time on Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by maheath, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. maheath

    maheath LI Guru Member

    [Solved] Router time on Wireless Ethernet Bridge

    Hello - I was fed up with the lag and spikes Wireless Zero Configuration made when gaming or waching online TV. Or was it DD-WRT... anyhow, I bougth a second WRT54GL, installed Tomato on both and set up the second as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. Very happy, it is both stable and very fast!

    But just ONE tiny problem - how do i get the second router ( set up as Wireless Ethernet Bridge ) to read router time from a ntp server? Now it just sais "Not Available".

    The only setup I have done on this router is settings for Wireless Ethernet Bridge and changed IP-adress, I have not touched anything else. Tried to set gateway and dns to but the router did not respond more and I had to reset... :smile:

    Edit: Read the FAQ, tried again to set default gateway and dns server to - and now it works. :smile:
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