router trouble, Cant view some sites but others are fine

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by xwing777, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Heres the setup which worked fine for over 2 years. I have a charter cable connection using surfboard modem. This ran into a BEFSR41 router with 4 port hub. From this it ran to 2 PCs.

    Now i have got Linksys RTP300 router (used with vonage phone) and it worked fine for a month. Over the last 4 days, some websites will not load and my pop email for charter will not work as well as the site. I have other pop accounts that work fine however. A call to charter shows nothing on their end and 2 different techs said no changes have been made to my account in months.

    These are what i have done to trouble shoot:

    1) Take out the RTP300 and replace it with the old BEFSR41 (powered down modem, router, pc well as defaulted everything and powering up each device in every possible order. Result: Same thing, most sites work, other will not and email only for charter does not work either.

    2) Updated to the latest firmware on both routers and went through all steps above again. Still no go.

    3) Took out all routers and tried directly with modem (after the normal reset/power cycle) and everything works correctly.

    4) Made sure all anti-virus/firewalls/etc..were disabled/off and repeated steps 1&2 but same results.

    Linksys said i had bad routers but both with same problem? As i said same setup worked great for 2 years up until i replaced it with the new vonage router and it worked great for 1 month.

    I have cleared out and reset all the networks on the PC's but nothing helped. Searching the net turned up nothing on this weird issue so if you got ideas im game.
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