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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by l33kt, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. l33kt

    l33kt Network Guru Member

    I need a wireless router, but I need one that gives a signal up to quite a large distance and I'm not quite sure which one to get. I'm a bit new to wireless routers so any feedback would be helpfull. Price isn't really an issue either. :)
  2. fenix

    fenix Network Guru Member

    I would chose a wrt54g or gs with an complementary purchase of an external antenna (which is preferably placed outside your apartment). This will increase both receiving and transmitting ability of the router and should therefore provide pretty good range. You can also try boosting the signal strength of the router (this is possibly using 3rd party firmware like HyperWRT or DD-WRT) Keep in mind that this is useless if the signal strength of the wireless clients isn't increasead by the same amount.
  3. l33kt

    l33kt Network Guru Member

    Thanks a lot.

    While I'm at it, do you think you could possibly suggest a wireless laptop card? :)
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