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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jdepew, Aug 17, 2004.

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    Thanks to Charles of - we have his complete VPN setup guides. I will be integrating them into the LinksysInfo content shortly with his help.

    I am currently hosting a .zip copy of this at my site and will update this post once it gets transferred over to LI

    Hope this helps some people out.

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    New to WRV54G


    I am not quite sure where to post my topic.

    I have recently purchased 2 wrv54g vpn routers for two locations of our business. I have read the linksys manual and have been in touch with technical support but I am not getting far but I am slowly understanding what I need to do but I am far from knowing everything. I wanted to describe my scenario to see if i am going the right way.

    Site 1 - I have 12 workstations all running XP Pro. I have, high speed internet with a static IP Address. At Site 1 location I have given the internal IP Addresses starting with 192.168.2.XX for all my workstations

    Site 2 - Is on an Island and I only have 2 workstations running XP Pro. I have high speed satellite internet service with a dynamic IP Address. At Site 2 location I have given the internal IP Addresses starting with 192.168.3.XX for all my workstations.

    My Goal is to creat a VPN Tunnel from Site 2 to Site 1(known address). At site 2 there is a computer where I eventually want to see the desktop so I can run a particular program. I want to be able to do this from my home. So I guess my internal ip address for my computers at home will 192.168.1.xx.

    My first question is a VPN just for network shares or can you actually view a desktop to a particular workstation. Second am I doing things right so far. What should be my next consideration

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Rick Balrow
    Richmond, Va.
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    Had I not trolled over her due to the date being so recent, I never would have known about you :)

    Your heading in the right direction. Yes you can view your shares over vpn and you can the desktop to a particular workstation as long as you have remote desktop anabled on that workstation.
    Here's a link to get you started on remote desktop:

    I also put together a video on connecting two vpn routers together:,15615747

    Concentrate on the WRV54G side of things. Everything in your post your thinking of doing is the "exact" same thing I did with the tunnels between the two routers (i.e, one side would be 172.16.30.x and the other would be 172.16.25.x)

    If you have any more questions, post down in the the "WRV54G/RV0" forum and refer to this post.

  5. Toxic

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