Routing performace on WRT54GSv4

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SiCN, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. SiCN

    SiCN Network Guru Member


    I've recently been notified that they as of the end of march will provide "fiber to the home" (which basically means that I get 100Mbps full-duplex internet-connectivity).

    Up until now I am sporting 24Mbit/s ADSL2+ and my WRT54GS mostly handles this just fine (I max out at appx 15Mbit/s), however, now that I get 100Mbps I was checking some reviews of the WRT54GS and they say that there is no chance that the unit can handle 100Mbit/s in routing performance.

    The question is: What can I do? I am running Thibor-firmware and from what I understand it's possible to login with SSH and change the iptables configuration in order to increase routing performance. But the question is: Is it the software or is it the hardware which is the limiting component?

    My neighbor is running one of them Netgear MIMO routers which handle 100Mbit/s (he got 88Mbit/s throughput from his computer to a bandwidth testing server).

    Well, I'd be thankful for any ideas and tips on this topic.

  2. SiCN

    SiCN Network Guru Member

    I guess the lack of response means no one got 100Mbps full duplex at home?
  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    SiCN -

    You can probably increase performance by simplifying the connection as much as possible, meaning:

    1. Turning off the SPI firewall.
    2. Minimizing the use of port forwards, UPnP, etc.

    But, at the end of the day, the WRT54G-series routers are consumer routers, and max out at about 15-20Mbps on the WAN connection. I suspect with your 24mbps connection you are already running into that limit and you won't see much more.

    It's a router with a 200MHz processor running Linux. It'll never see anywhere approaching 100mbps.

    If you need a router that can support full 100Mbps full duplex, you may want to look into taking a decent computer and running IPCop, M0n0wall, Smoothwall, or one of the other firewall clients on it, then you can use your existing WRT54GS as a dumb switch and access point, or send it to me where it'll get a loving home and lots of use as an experimental box (grin).

    Another option may be the WRTSL54GS, which has a slightly faster processor at 266MHz, so maybe that will give you a boost. But you aren't likely to see much beyond 20-25Mbps, at a guess, at the absolute best. I have yet to see any performance benchmarks on that unit, though.

    I'd gladly trade problems with you, though. My current connection is 256kbps up and 3mbps down, and tests out at about 200k up and 2.5m down.
  4. JeffreyJoy

    JeffreyJoy LI Guru Member

    There are many routers.

    I am using the FTTH.
    When I used WRT54G v4 firmware 4.20.7 , the max speed was 53Mbps.
    If I turn off the firewall, the speed goes up to 61Mbps.
    Sometimes when I use emule, the connection drops (WAN to LAN).
    When that happens, the Wireless LED is blinked 4-5 times.
    And When I used 3rd party firmware(DD-WRT,open-WRT) the speed was 30~40.
    tofu was 50Mbps.
    WRT54G v2 and 3com wireless router max wired speed is 30~40.
    Now I am using WRTH54GS, the speed is 94Mbps. (wired,not wireless WRTH54GS 'H' means high speed router)
    Wireless speed is 21 Mbps.(TKIP, I don't have booster card.)
    WRTH54GS is similar to WRTSL54GS in appearance.
    The difference is USB port, OS, maybe ram size.
    I didn't open the router so that I don't know the spec well.
    These routers are support 100Mbps.
    BELKIN F5D8230 ,DGL-4300 ,linksys MIMO WRT54GX, Netgear max range 240
    Netgear MIMO WPN824 doesn't support 100Mbps. The max speed is 60Mbps.
    Even though DI-524 is cheap router , its max speed is 88Mbps.
    DI-624's max speed is 35Mbps.
    I don't know why.
    And WRT54GC's max speed is 45Mbps.
  5. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    Never heard of WRTH54GS... does it run linux or support custom firmware?
  6. JeffreyJoy

    JeffreyJoy LI Guru Member

    I runs VxWorks 5.4.2.
    Cisco sells WRTH54GS only in Korea now.
    I think it is for the beta test and WRTH54GS will be sold in other countries soon.
    WRTH54GS is similar to WRTSL54GS in appearance.
    But it is different. (OS, USB port, perhaps ram)
    When I did nmap -A, the result was VxWorks and the router freezed.
    I think reliability is not good.
    When I bought the WRTH54G, MIMO routers are very expensive.
    And the cheap routers supporting FTTH are unstable especially when I use P2P.
    So the only choise is WRTH54GS.(82000won => US $87.77)


    This new firmware is for issues with certain web sites not loading or loading slowly.

    I opened the firmware with notepad.exe and searched with "vxworks".
    And I found this.
    D:/Project/VxWorks/WRTH54g/mips212/target/src/drv/vme/nullVme.c gcc2_compiled. __gnu_compiled_c sysClkTicksPerSecond sysClkArg

    Model Pictures
    You can find the model in google search.
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