RT-N16 Toastman-RT 7502.8 Wireless Client & virtualAP not working after reboot

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by MrPumo, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. MrPumo

    MrPumo Reformed Router Member

    I'm troubleshooting "tomato-K26USB-1.28.7502.8MIPSR2Toastman-RT-VLAN-VPN" latest commit (7502.8) on ASUS RT-N16 with a specific config (Wireless Client + Virtual AP):

    - eth1 Wireless Client WPA2 PSK AES with WAN DHCP and bridged on br0 (with all lan ports)
    - wl0.1 Virtual AP WPA2 PSK AES bridged on br1
    - Gateway mode

    1) Configured just eth1 for Wireless Client everything works fine: WAN IP got assigned and routing works fine from lan ports.

    2) Adding wl0.1… waiting for service restart… Default GW from DHCP Response got lost in routing table. Adding manually default gw and everything works fine from both lan ports and clients of Virtual AP.

    3) Reboot… WAN DHCP stuck on renewing..
    nvram config before & after reboot equals, ether address of wif are correct

    wl sta_info for eth1 reports AUTHENTICATED ASSOCIATED but not AUTHORIZED so I suppose a wpa authentication or a driver issue..

    My question:
    - Is there a way to troubleshoot manually the problem? can I kill all the running process related to WPA authentication and start manually step-by-step from command line?

    - Anybody can overview router boot startup sequence (scripts & binary) so i can check to see what's happening during startup?

    - I can compile the firmware. Any DEBUG option to turn ON?

    - I've seen just one "nas" entry in process list but I can't see the command-line related arguments..
    Any way to enable a detailed logs for wpa authenticator/supplicant...
    Thx a lot,
  2. Almaz

    Almaz Networkin' Nut Member

    I have a similar problem and I'd like to know if you found a solution?
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