RT-N66u and Time Machine backup setup (mac)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ladysman, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ladysman

    ladysman Network Guru Member

    So I’m about to buy my wife a macbook air as her laptop is about to die (it’s old). I want to put a hard drive on my N66u so it would be used for a Time Machine backup instead of plugging a drive in directly to do a backup.

    With that, What file system is best for this? HFS?
    Setup with a SMB Share then just a script to auto-connect at login of the macbook?

    I guess I’m looking for advice and how others have setup this in the past. Most likely this drive won’t be used for anything else but the backup.
  2. jyavenard

    jyavenard Network Guru Member

    Officially, Time Machine doesn't work over the network except when using an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.
    You must use HFS with those.

    The only way to do it properly over the network is by using an AFP server which tomato doesn't have (would be a good idea to add it... tick on my todo list)

    Now there are way to use samba, but it's not an easy process, you have to manually create the sparsebundle image and it will not work extremely reliably (like sometimes it gives you the error that the backup is already in use when it isn't)
  3. waeking

    waeking Addicted to LI Member

    There have been some other threads on tomatousb forums about trying to get this to work. It seems that everyone can get to a point where the macbook is trying to authenticate with the router aka: timemachine. There is a problem that is suspect to the way the tomatousb stores its passwords. I have tried to set this up myself and get to this point. With optware you are able to install netatalk and avahi, these are the packages that you will have to start with.

    I found it easier to buy a wd external network ready hard drive that is plug and play with time machine. it also works as a dlna server, smb, and daap. So much easier.
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