RT042... What the hell?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by warpdag, May 29, 2005.

  1. warpdag

    warpdag Network Guru Member


    Just bought a RT042, so disappointed by it. Ok, I bought this router thinking I finally got what I needed: a qos enabled router, based on a solid platform (it's an ixp425 based router, like the RV series). However, the firmware is not even at the alpha stage. First, it refers to a "SOHO mode" that doesn't even exist... starts bad, especially because this SOHO (power user) mode looked more than appealing. Then worse: you can only define/configure QoS settings for machines that have been DHCP'ed by the router, i.e. if you setup machines with static IPs in your LAN they won't even show up in the router config pages (precision: you can't configure QoS for *any* ip like anyone would think/like, the IP has to be a dhcp'ed one, otherwise the router isn't aware that the computer is available on the network, ridiculous). If you follow me, static IP computers can't even access the internet since for this router those computers are "ghosts" and the default setting is: no connection for them! And the cherry on the cake: you can't even configure the way the DHCP server behaves (IP ranges, etc...). Bottom line: if they don't fix the firmware soon (1.3.5 now), stay away, I'll return mine soon if things don't get better within the next week.

  2. kindall

    kindall Guest

    I couldn't agree with you more. I just got one of these today myself (paid extra for overnight delivery in fact) and spent a good hour trying to get it to work before I twigged to the fact that I had to use DHCP. Then I spent another half hour trying to find the screen that let me define a forced DHCP address based on MAC (like a Netgear router) or at least define a client name (like a Buffalo router) but neither was there.

    I'm utterly baffled as to how they let this utterly embarrassing excuse for a networking product get out of the lab with the Cisco logo plastered proudly right there on the front of it. The kind of networks that need a product like this aren't going to be all DHCP! Not by a long shot!

    To add insult to injury, there's nothing at all in the Linksys knowledgebase about this product. I'm frankly thoroughly disgusted with Linksys and it'll take A LOT to get me to try one of their products again.
  3. warpdag

    warpdag Network Guru Member

    Worse: I contacted Linksys support, they didn't even know that this router was available (they kept talking about the RV042!!!). What the hell is going on at linksys these days?...
  4. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    I also agree that the RT042 is a piece of junk. I've had it for a week or so. I've spent way too much time messing with it and exchanging useless emails to Linksys support. I am disappointed with a lot of things in this device, but for me its pathetic throughput takes the cake. It seems to have some very inefficient packet processing algorithms. It really is frustrating that one can't expect much out of a product such as this until many firmware updates later.

    Does anyone have a better recommendation? Anyone know how to tell someone at Linksys that actually understands something that this product sucks? I've tried posting a comment from the website and requesting a reply, but no one intelligent has bothered to respond as of yet.
  5. mjfarina

    mjfarina Network Guru Member


    Is it me, or does linksys = crap nowadays?

    Have you guys considered going non-linksys?? I've been looking at this [http://games.dlink.com/products/?pid=370] router ever since Tom's Hardware reviewed it. I know they spin it like it's for gaming, but the QOS and Port Forwarding features sound really slick.

    I don't know that I'd buy another router right now, but I'm surely interested in looking away from Linksys.
  6. warpdag

    warpdag Network Guru Member

    You would imagine that the fact that Cisco bought Linksys would bring good process to Linksys, but apparently it's the other way around. God, if IOS (Cisco router's OS) would have just one of such obvious flaws, this would be corrected within a matter of hours (actually it would not even happen, come on, those are very basic routing functions!).

    Bottom line: Linksys is rushing products out of their labs, they launch big fat marketing campaigns, but they could not care less about the fact that those products are half way baked. Money money money...
  7. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    I agree that the product was likely rushed out the door to get onto the shelves as soon as possible. What's surprising to me is that reviews on Amazon indicate that people actually like the product. What are they smokin'? With my old d-link router (which incidently was a piece of junk until several firmware updates later), I was getting decent throughput on my 4 mbps cable link. I'm lucky if I get 500 kbps through the RT042, even with the performance settings tweaked to give my test system priority.

    I guess I'm going to wait it out for new firmware until I get close to the end of my 30 return period. I'll probably end up getting the d-link mentioned above. The dlink might have better features anyway (except the lack of two WAN ports).
  8. warpdag

    warpdag Network Guru Member

    So a guy who reads this forum sent me a PM, he apparently contacted Linksys and here is what they told him:


    Dear XXX,

    I received a feedback from our Product Management and they confirmed that there really is a problem with the current firmware version and computers that have static IP addresses behind the router. They also confirmed that they are developing the software that permanently fixes this "issue". Our apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you.

    If you have further questions, please contact us at (800) 326-7114 or send us an email at support@linksys.com, so that we may further assist you.


    Linksys - A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Product Support Specialist


    At least they will solve the static IP problem. I don't think this will solve the throughput problem though... What amazes me is that the IXP425 is able to deliver so much more than that. It's the core processor of many great routers that do a lot better job than this one.
  9. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    I did an online chat with support yesterday. The online person told me that linksys is aware of the problems and is working on releasing beta firmware asap. Of course, to get the beta firmware you have to initiate on online chat and complain about the product. The online person had no idea when this beta firmware would be available, just that it was coming.
  10. warpdag

    warpdag Network Guru Member

    Well, I guess they realized that their product was working in a very stupid way... well, to be honest it's not even a working product in my humble opinion. Anyway, just to show you how half way baked this product is: you can access to some of the pages of the so-called SOHO mode that the help refers to. Simply remove the "home" directory from the URL when you are connected to the main page and then you'll see some of the SOHO options (apparently they were trying to let you customize the DHCP, etc... in this SOHO mode). Sadly, most of the links in this SOHO mode do not even work, I think they decided to drop this mode to release the product ASAP...
  11. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    Does anyone have an update on the rt042? I asked linkchat previously about beta firmware, which they told me was coming soon. I still haven't seen anything. I'm still amazed that people on amazon actually like this thing.
  12. Daschound

    Daschound Network Guru Member

    I found a way to work around the static IP issue, but the catch is, you have to use the utility to configure the setting, so far I can’t see how Web UI can add PC with static IP. First, connect and login to Utility with a DHCP PC, then connect a PC with static IP after that, from the first PC’s utility, you will see the static IP PC has been detected, but not connected, the first PC (DHCP) have to click on connect to allow static IP PC to be connected to the network. After the static IP PC has been connected to the network, it will be allow performing all functions on RT042 just like the PC with DHCP.

    Hope this helps
  13. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    I couldn't handle the poor packet routing performance or the suspense of waiting for a firmware update. So I returned the rt042. I might try the d-link wired gamer model next. It has QOS, but not dual WAN ports.
  14. Daschound

    Daschound Network Guru Member

  15. bobc2112

    bobc2112 Network Guru Member

    Count me dissatisfied

    Replaced my often dropped (crashed on the floor), held together by electrical tape and rubberbands eyesore befsr41 v2 with this model and speed tests went from around 4000kbps to 300 - 1000kbps. Tried changing every setting on the darn thing! Wish I had read up on it here first.

    I have the old router hooked back up, my question is, should I hold out hope that new firmware will correct this or should I bite the bullet and return. I have purchased thousands of dollars of stuff on-line but this is the first thing I might have to return.

    What's the track record of Linksys getting it right (firmware wise).
  16. crosstalk

    crosstalk Network Guru Member

    Re: Count me dissatisfied

    I don't know what their track record is in general, but it's been pretty bad on the rt042 so far. I wasted a lot of time with linkchat trying to get information about new firmware. They promised a release was coming, they just didn't know when.

    I returned my rt042 for exactly the problem you are having...pathetic packet routing performance. I'm still looking for an inexpensive dual WAN option, so the product has potential. Just stinks so far.
  17. Leon97

    Leon97 Network Guru Member

    RT042 QoS feature

    Pardon my ignorance, but what are the issues if QoS can only be used with dynamic IP's and not with static IP's? Is QoS with dynamic IP's unreliable or not recommended? I plan on getting the RT042 next week, and now I'm rethinking.

    I have a residential DSL connection that I want to share with other PC's in the house, & I'd like the ability to control the bandwidth for each PC to ensure that I have enough of it left when I log into the internet.

    By the way, I really don't have any technical know-how about static & dynamic IP's, and I'm not that versed with routers, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I simply just want to control the bandwidth of the Pc's connected to the router so that bandwidth for every PC can be assured. Thanks. :D
  18. bobc2112

    bobc2112 Network Guru Member

    Well as long as you have one PC (what they call the master) dynamic then you can set up the static IP's for the other ones easily. There are new (clarified) directions on linksys.com.

    It is a snap to set up the bandwidth limits on the RT042. My problem is that it sucked the life out of my total bandwidth. As posted earlier, I couldn’t get the thing to work nearly as fast as my BEFSR41. A real disappointment spent a great deal of time on chat but nothing worked.
  19. Prosimian

    Prosimian Guest

    sorry to bump up an old thread, but I wantedto update this for any googlers out there who find this when looking for RT042 info like I did.

    My story - found out about the RT042 when looking for a nicely priced wired router with QoS features. Couldn't find it in any stores and only really found it on Amazon - now I know why nobody carries this POS. Odered it from Amazon and starte using it around Oct 10.

    First, the DHCP issue is a real ridiculous piece of functionality. It's been discussed to death here, but it can't be said enough how bad this implementation is.

    But the killer for me is the bandwidth throttling. What type of router can only handle switching at around 500Kbps these days? My download bandwidth is advertised at 8Mbps, but actually hits 10Mbps more often than not. The RT042 limits it to 500Kbps.

    I had hopes that the beta firmware mentioned here would address this issue by now, but nope. After having a pointless conversation with Linksys chat bot, I was eventually offered firmware version 1.3.7 beta to try. I was up for it. Rather than getting an email containing the firmware, as planned, I received this:

    "I apologize for the inconvenience this may caused you. With regard to the RT042 beta firmware which is 1.3.7 that I mentioned, this will not work with the problem you are having now. I would suggest you to return the product to the retail store since we do not have the available firmware that will fix the problem."

    Yeah, just put the product back on retail shelves for the next sucker to deal with. Horrible. Nobody should even be selling this product. I've now put in a return request to Amazon and have ordered the D-Link DGL-4100. The Rt042 was my first, and last, Linksys product.
  20. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  21. Mr_Five

    Mr_Five LI Guru Member

    Need help download RV042 firmware

    I have the same problem with WAN 2 port...

    Anyone can help ?

    My current firmware (default) are 1.3.9

    Where I can download the or firmware ?

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