RT31P2 - how to set QoS with no user manual

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I recently got a Linksys RT31P2-EU (not locked to Vonage), and I am attempting to tweak its QoS setting. I wrote to linksys support for an explanation/definition of what do the two options do :
    1. Autodetect
    2. Max upload speed

    It is not defined whether max. upload speed refers to the max speed available through my connection, or the max upload speed that I wish to dedicate to VoIP (or to all traffic EXCEPT voip) !!!

    The opinions seem to be divided on this subject : Elsewhere in this forum the suggested interpretation is that Max upload speed is the amount of bandwidth reserved for VoiP. Unfortunately, my own ISP claims that it is the total actual available upload bandwidth that is to be specified.

    IS there really NO manual describing this ? Definitive know-how ? I wrote Linksys support some 2 weeks ago, but so far no response has emerged.

    Btw: If I am OOT here, please direct me to proper place to get an answer:)
  2. marbss

    marbss Network Guru Member

    set it at 75% or less of your connection -- experiment with it.

    this is the speed that you want your RT31P2 to start kicking in and slowing the upload speed for your computers and start dedicating upload bandwidth to your VOIP.
  3. Nerdoid

    Nerdoid Network Guru Member

    I DID experiment , and am rather fed up with it. The gizmo gets upset by running emule, i.e. the receiving POTS call is messed up no matter what I set. That's why I 'd be extremely pleased to see some definition of the Max upload speed, since I am beyond the guessing phase. Even when emule uploads run at only 20 % of my upload speed ( and DL @ ca. 45 %) , the quality of call deteriorates)

    IS there really no-one outhere who KNOWS for sure ? Or is the QoS-facility of RT31P2 simply not emule-proof, no matter what ?
  4. Nerdoid

    Nerdoid Network Guru Member

    OK ... 2 days+ and no one so seems to have any good ideas. How can one get a reply from Linksys Support then ? They have sat on my actually quite polite request for a fortnight now (despite my seething self) :) (and apart from the autogenerated "we got your message" BS-reply)
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