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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi !
    I hope somebody can tell me exist a solution to my problem :)
    I bought a Linksys RT41-BU wired router, to substitute an old D-Link router.
    Everything seems work fine, only randomly the router "lose" the WAN access.
    I can see the status telling me everything is ok, the machine connected to the routr can still see each other, but no way to access to the internet.
    The only thing to do is reboot the router.
    So far seems happens every 3-5 hours, no error messages, nothing strange.
    The LAN DHCP is disabled, no DMZ, I opened some ports for some services (like 22, 2401, 80, 90).
    The firmware version is 1.01.0 and seems the last one (I downloaded the same version from the linksys website).
    Is really an annoying problem, I really don't ask for many services but to remain connected to the WAN I would call it mandatory.

    Any help ?

    Many thanks

    Best Regards
  2. stevewiz

    stevewiz Network Guru Member

    New info


    Just a note about the problem.
    Seems related to the DNS management somehow.
    I put an utility on a PC to monitor the connection (ping every 60 secs. an url) and when the problem happens, the log of this utility shows "failed DNS".
    To that I have also to add that my ISP (Comcast) recently changed something in the DNS management, alerting all the customers to set up on their PC the automatic DNS settings.
    Of course my problem is that the router is connected to the cable modem.
    So my suspect is that the router somehow is triggered by the ISP during some change/test/whoknowswhat to the DNS and remains stuck.
    I tried to release the DHCP when this happens and it works, but nothing happens hitting the Renew DHCP.
    The only solution is reboot the router.

    The old router (a D-Link) seems immune to this problem and never remain stuck.

    If only the Linksys router could generate a decent log of what happens, would be relatively easy to pinpoint the problem.
    ANy idea ? Patch/workaroud ?
  3. mpowers

    mpowers Guest

    Same problem


    I have a Wired RT41-BU that is having the exact same problem. I have two PCs connected to the router which is connected to the Cable modem. Usually both PCs have a problem, but occasionally only one PC has the problem with connecting to the internet. The only way to get connections again is the power off the router (unplug it), then re-plug it after a few seconds of waiting.

    What can I do to stop this - it's occurring way too often! :mad:
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