Running Tinc on Shibby, want only one local IP to exit to the internet at another Node

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RomanST, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. RomanST

    RomanST Reformed Router Member

    Hey guys,
    I am running Shibby v140 with Tinc on 6 different nodes and it works great! I am trying to add to my wonderful setup. I would prefer Option-A if possible but I would be happy to settle on Option-B.
    Setup an additional SSID (lets call it EXTEND_SITE2)with different IP range at Site1 that forwards all traffic to SITE2 via the existing TINC connection and exit SITE2 internet connection, it wouldn't need to access other resources at Site2.
    Setup a static IP for one device that would be routed from SITE1 to SITE2 and exit out SITE2 internet connection.

    Why? I have a summer cabin (SITE1) with internet from a different provider and I want to stream TV from my normal home (site2) via my XBOX and my providers steaming app (only works on native network) but I don't want to force all traffic there as its rather slow.
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