RV-082 snmp defective?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by heidnerd, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    I have an RV-082 and have been using both the syslog and snmp features of the router... in fact the support of both was why I chose the RV-082. I use syslog with Wallwatcher to capture hack attemps. I use snmp to monitor traffic on the router.

    Here is the catch though. From the very beginning, the router has only reported traffic for ipx0, ipx1, br0, and ipsec. ipx0 is WAN1 interface, ipx1=WAN2 interface, br0 is the combined stats for all switch ports.

    I was most unhappy to discover that instead of collecting stats for the individual ports on the switch - they combined and only reported snmp stats for br0. Crazy because you can see the stats for all the ports if you use the web interface.. so the data is there!

    I've had an open ticket with Linksys in place... they answer was the firmware is corrupt and I need to upgrade... so I did. from to 1.3.2, guess what? Now no traffic data is reported when you query the snmp MIB for the router. It does return the number of interfaces, system location, etc.... but there are no router stats.

    In effect the problem is now WORSE. Has anyone else made the same observation?
  2. swe_deathvalley

    swe_deathvalley LI Guru Member

    I use SNMP and I have not seen this problem. It works both on the latest official firmware and the beta.
  3. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    "I use SNMP and I have not seen this problem."

    That means you are getting accurate stats for both wan ports, as well as individual stats for all eight ports - by quering the snmp MIB and walking the OID's?

    The reason why I ask is that I've used GetIF and other snmp walking tools to verify that the problem was the RV082 and not the mrtg or prtg program.. and what I discovered was that the stats were not there.

    They are if you use the Web GUI to look at the router, but not when you query the RV082 with snmp. I can see the system location, my localized information, and lots of generic information about the router.

    It just is that the snmp agent in the RV-082 isn't reporting the data. Also with all prior versions of firmware - I would see ghosting on WAN2. Even when WAN2 was not connected and the port was disabled in the port management screen. What I mean by this is that -- I would actually see some packets being reported inbound/outbound. And again the Web GUI would accurately report zero activity on the interface.

    For example the only interfaces snmp reports are:

    ifDescr.1 lo
    ifDescr.2 ixp0
    ifDescr.3 ixp1
    ifDescr.5 ipsec0

    ifType.1 softwareLoopback
    ifType.2 ethernet-csmacd
    ifType.3 ethernet-csmacd
    ifType.5 ethernet-csmacd

    Prior to 1.3.2 there was a fifth interface being reported. ifDescr.4 and it was "br0", but the entries in it was the total sum of the activity for all the switch ports... there were no entries for the individual ports on the switch.
  4. talink

    talink Guest

    Yes I see this same problem. Was running v1.3.2 and no stats were reported for the switch ports. Only the 2 WAN ports, a single LAN and one IPSEC. In addition all interfaces (WAN and LAN) report a speed of 10M rather than 100M. Everything reports correctly using the web interface so as you say, the data is there it's just not being used properly for SNMP. I have upgraded to the beta available for download here and there was no improvement.
  5. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    That is good and bad... At least I know that I am not imagining things. But my next step was going to be trying the beta firmware.

    Anybody else see this also? If so we need to give feedback on the versions so that it can be fixed. My guess is that the problem is minor. Especially considering earlier versions were reporting SOME of the info AND the info is available to the Web GUI. Perhaps a simple oversight.:eek:
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