RV Speed Limitations -- What's Your Max?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by priller, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    On Comcast, I get 4831/360 with a PC direct on my Linksys cable modem. Same PC behind the RV082, the max I get is 2607/267. I see similiar results from both Mac and Linux boxes.

    Has anybody seen throughput above 3M? What's the best?

    Almost ready to move to the Netgear FVS124G, if the RV's can't keep up with new ISP speeds.
  2. paradisecowgirl

    paradisecowgirl Network Guru Member

    So, playing around with the MTU values didn't help? Is there any activity on the other WAN when you run speed tests? That's when I run into speed/performance issues...

    I just got 4110/360 on my Comcast (4400/384) WAN with no other activity on the other WAN (RV042).
  3. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    No, the smaller the MTU, the slower it got.

    No other traffic at the time of the speed test.
  4. perak

    perak Network Guru Member


    just logged TCP: 6980/820
    and UDP: 5640/845
    throught the RV082 connected to an office network.
    The activity on the LAN i low at the moment.

  5. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Curious if either of you have "Protocol Binding" configured. That's the only config I haven't backed out and retested. I currently have 6 entries. Perhaps the processing overhead results in a speed hit, since the router now has to look at each packet and route out the proper interface.
  6. perak

    perak Network Guru Member


    have more or less standard settings and a few VPN clients and tunnels (occasionally).

    I have tried port forwarding (DNS & DHCP) but always having these error messages in the log when trying to enabling this:
    Time Event-Type Message
    Jul 28 12:49:42 2005 NAT configuration failed
    Jul 28 12:49:42 2005 RNAT configuration failed
    Jul 28 12:49:42 2005 Error in RNAT configuration Local Servers
    Jul 28 12:49:42 2005 Failed nat control SIOCADNAT - Success

    I am not sure if it works properly with this enabled.

    So only basic setup at the moment with fw
  7. paradisecowgirl

    paradisecowgirl Network Guru Member

    I currently have six entries in our protocol binding section and SPI enabled. Nothing configured for VPN as of yet.

    My Comcast speeds are still excellent this morning.
  8. net_eng

    net_eng Network Guru Member

    I dont think it is your RV router, I connect my RV on a local 100 MBit LAN(with two connections balanced) and I get almost maximum speed on each WAN side(about 8.8 Megabytes per second), a theoretical maximum of 100MBit is about 10MB/s. I transfer alot of files from behind. What this means is the RV routers can definately handle more than any broadband ISP delivers.

    Try and see what happens when you leave protocol binding blank and let the router decide where it goes(its my setting). Also, check to make sure you have the correct bandwidth settings(upstream and downstream). If you use the default, they may be too low.

    Just my 2 cents
  9. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    This was really bugging me.

    Mr. FedEx just showed up with a Netgear FVS124G dual-wan router and a Linksys SD2008 Gig switch. I ran a final speed test with the RV082 and got something like 2400/280. Dropped in the Netgear (used same cables and everything) and got a 4673/360. The RV is history!

    Update: The Linksys SD2008 switch has been returned. The fan is loud ... I mean real LOUD. It's insane. It's being replaced with a fanless Netgear GS108.
  10. kakf

    kakf Network Guru Member


    I have a T1 with a Cisco 2600, then an RV042, 25 users, and 3 servers behind it. We keep a steady 1 meg up and 1 meg down on the wan.
  11. net_eng

    net_eng Network Guru Member

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