RV016 Bandwidth Management (Port Not Check)

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    When visitors come to our office, I prefer to connect them to a isolated network and throttle their bandwidth so I don't get put on blacklists because they neglect to keep their computers secure. I am currently using a WRT54G (Tomato 1.28beta) with wireless turned off and using the QOS function to keep the computers in line.

    I decided to dig out my old RV016 and replaced the WRT54G running Tomato. I installed the latest firmware (RV016_v3.0.0.19tm_090216_code.rmt) and basically wanted to simulate SOME of the same things. The Tomato approach seems easier than the RV016 but since the RV016 is theoretically capable of similar throttle functionality, I could use that and put the WRT54G back into service on the company network wirelessly.

    After all that.......

    When configuring the bandwidth management, there is a port range called

    NotCheckPort [TCP&UDP/0~0]

    What does this do? I am not finding any info on the web. What I would like to do is use the All Traffic [TCP&UDP/1~65535] to set the baseline for everything miscellaneous and add additional statements that allow specific ports to have a higher min and max value. Let's say the All Traffic is maxed at 1024kbps but port 80 should have a max of 4096. It appears based on speedtests the All Traffic overrides the port 80 down statement regardless of the way they are listed in the bandwidth management window.

    What does NotCheckPort do?

    Thanks, Paul
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