RV016 Bandwidth managment ????

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by xlrr8, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. xlrr8

    xlrr8 Network Guru Member

    Ok, here is the problem :
    Switched out my fully funcioning linux box and hub for a linksys rv016 ! ( maybe the first mistake ! ;o )

    I have a 4mbit connection, using my linux box and NAT, no problem. However, with the RV016, i cant seem to obtain more then 1.5-1.9Mbit/sec downstream.

    I have configured the multi-wan to set my ip address as priority IP group. I have set bandwidth managment to a minimum of 3096kbits and a max of 4096 kbits for my IP. I have given the specific port on my this machine is plugged into a HIGH priority. And even given the internet 2 wan port HIGH priority.

    Why can't i hit my max bandwidth download ? Please suggest something, i must be missing something simple !
  2. xlrr8

    xlrr8 Network Guru Member

    Just incase this helps someone else. The problem was that it seems that " auto " setting for the maximun transfer unit doesn't seem to work so well. Make this setting manual and you should get all of your bandwidth back. Worked for me anyway !
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