RV016 - Dropping Connections on ports

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jlmartinjr, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. jlmartinjr

    jlmartinjr Network Guru Member

    We currently "upgraded" a WRV54G, to a RV016 for the added ports, we werent using wireless on the WRV due to the constant need for Rebooting to get the VPN Tunnels to stay connected. Now users on the Local network are having the connections dropped then reinitiated this happens quickly but some of the applications that we run do not like the reconnect at all. And require us to reboot the computer. Any Ideas??
    We have 1 active tunnel that is from a BEFVP41. The configuration for the tunnels is the same as it was on the WRV54G, I have tried setting the ports on the RV all to 10mbits to see if it was a thru put issue and it did not seem to help. I do have BEFW11S4 down stream of the RV016, from the Uplink port on the BEF to one of the 14 on the RV.
  2. jlmartinjr

    jlmartinjr Network Guru Member

    I realize that this is not the most popular router in the game but, it was wondering how the connection lights react on other models of these routers, for the most part the green lights will seem to blink independently with newtork traffic and every now and them all of the lights will go off for a second or two and then come back on.. Is this similar to what others see on the other RV routers/
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