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  1. NetDog

    NetDog Network Guru Member

    I have just upgraded (I hope! the jury is still out on upgrade) my linksys 8 port router for a RV016 16 port job. I have one DTA 310 VOIP adapter (packet8) and one Grandstream Handy 286 VOIP adapter to handle my alarm connection. The Linksys 8 port router configured automatically out of the box as does a d-link el cheap0 VPN router, as does a King Cheapo belkin router. Now with the RV016 (firmware 2.0.4) the adapters will aquire DHCP address, both provide dialtone and dial. THEN nothing until the adapters time out. All firewalls have been turned off and tried both with static ip's. Linksys has not been useful at all... AH you need change adapter NetDog san.

    Does anybody have any ideas or can I just attach this mullet to my boat and use it for an anchor. Come to think of it, it doesn't even weigh enough to be useful as an anchor. I wish I had found this site before I purchase this $500 TURKEY! :cheering:
  2. russwmc

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    I have the same problem with an RV042 and another thread on it in this forum. If I hear anything I will let you know. I did get my RV042 to work with it but it had to be between my other firewall on the WAN and the DTA310. It all makes no sense at all...

    good luck with your RV016.
  3. Diablit0

    Diablit0 Guest

    You're in luck

    NetDog you're in luck...

    I think I have the solution to your problem... I also have a Linksissy RV016 that is about as useful as a snow plow in saudi arabia. Nothing but headaches and problems... Constantly dropping connections and resetting itself. I have reverted back to my WRT54G and have had zero problems since. So, I think I can help you with your anchor problem. I'd be willing to send my piece of SH** to you and between the two of them, you may just get enough weight for an anchor. If it still isn't heavy enough, then just wait a few more days and I'm sure you'll have more donations!

    Good luck!
  4. helpimstuck

    helpimstuck Network Guru Member


    Just wanted to post to say your title made me laugh out loud!
  5. ydef

    ydef Network Guru Member

    Just want to post and ask whether either of you are looking to get rid of your rv016?
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