RV016 "Inter-VLAN Routing"?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by v2owp, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone,

    My problem is that I have three groups of network devices that I need to interact in different ways:

    Group 1 - Most of the workstations and devices on my network.

    Group 2 - Office computers and equipment that need to be unavailable to Group 1.

    Group 3 - Network devices providing services that both Group 1 & Group 2 need to have access to.

    Hardware I have:

    - Linksys RV016 (firmware, Currently hosting 3 Broadband Connections)
    - 2 Netgear GS748T Switches
    - 1 Netgear FS726T
    - BEFW11S4
    - WRT54G

    I've played around with VLANs on the RV016 but there seems to be no way to bridge traffic between VLANs (I understand that VLANs are generally designed NOT to communicate). I've seen some postings on other forums that other Linksys equipment allows you to do "Inter-VLAN Routing" but as far as I can find the RV016 doesn't support that.

    I've also tried setting up ACLs to segregate traffic/access but that didn't work either. I could still access computers that I wasn't supposed to be able to.

    Is there a different firmware available that will allow me to do "Inter-VLAN Routing"?

    Is there some other "better" way of doing this? I'm open to suggestions (Preferably using current equipment or with little cost).

    Thanks in Advance!!

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