RV016 Intermitten Problems

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mysastech, Dec 6, 2008.

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    my rv016 sometimes "hang" (cant ping/access to the device)

    i have 50 computers connected to the rv016 via 4 switch

    switch 1 = 6 pc (dlink) (old switch) (20 feet from rv016)
    switch 2 = 14 pc (3com baseline switch) (recently bought) (80feet from rv016)
    switch 3 = 14 pc (3com baseline switch) (recently bought) (80feet from rv016)
    switch 4 = 15 pc (3com baseline switch) (recently bought) (80feet from rv016)

    Port 1 - 4 on the rv 016 is being used to connect to the switch

    Port 5 is for my administration computer

    i'm using 4 wan dsl pppoe (mtu 1492) and i'm routing port TCP 3724 & 8129 to wan 2, other than that all is at default settings.The cables are layed on top of my ceiling where i have 4 cassette type air conditioning installed.

    when my router hangs i have to disconnect either switch 2 , 3 or 4.There's no problem with switch 1. all of my pc's are using windows xp home sp3.There no problem for people connected to the same switch group if they are playing lan games only to different switch group as all are connected to the router to link them up.

    i've tried switching to old firmware and to the new firmware but it didnt do any good.i've hard reset the device everytime i wanted to upgrade/downgrade the firmware.

    rv016 device ip has been changed to from the default

    does the router needs to be rma? or there's a problem with my cables layed on top of the ceiling?

    thank you
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