RV016 - Lockups and Internet Slowdowns

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Mattm55, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Mattm55

    Mattm55 Guest


    Just wondering if any others have experienced the problems I have with my Linksys RV016?

    First, the router while using 2 WANS locks up about every day. One is a Roadrunner connection and the other is Optimum online. The router needs to be power cycled when this happens. The routers lights all flash and incoming access is ok but nothing can get out.

    Second, I disable the WAN2 and let it run on the RoadRunner account. After 2 days of up time(seems to fix load balance lockup?), the internet suffers from a choppy connection. There is packet loss and high ping times. I had RoadRunner tech test while the router was on and off. On, packet loss and high pings. Off, all ok and 0 packet loss.
    So we power cycled the router and it's back working again.

    If anyone has any ideas, I sure would appreciate hearing them.
    I see that someone mentioned new "firmware" from Cisco too. I may try that route and Linksys support was unhelpful.

    Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. BuddyGuy

    BuddyGuy Network Guru Member

    I've got the same problem. 1 ISP Rogers Cable, 1 ISP DSL. The bloody thing looks up in 40 seconds. The lights on the router look fine though. But no internet / can't even get at the Admin page for the Router.

  3. spanker

    spanker Network Guru Member

    RV016 bugs

    I have 3 RV016 routers. They lock up on 2 WANs, VPN do not work. Lots of problems with these routers
  4. tgoergen

    tgoergen LI Guru Member

    Blocking Maybe?

    I have trouble as soon as I try to use keyword blocking or website blocking. I have so far been able to put in four websites to block and it's stayed up for a week. But when I put in more websites or keywords to block access (as a back up to zone alarm parental controls which sometimes get turned off, ie, PORN XXX etc) it usually runs for 1 day then locks.
  5. burtbalmer

    burtbalmer LI Guru Member

    I bought the RV016 about two months ago. In my eyes, the RV016 is a product with an excellent feature set at an attractive price point that is utterly unfit for sale.

    I have witnessed the speed degradations followed by total lockups as described above. I have tried everything. I could improve the performance somehow (see below,) but the unit remained highly unreliable and unfit for use.

    My configuration:

    4 ADSL lines. Two of them straight into the router. One through a Vonage/Motorola TA. One through an ASA 5505.
    1 Ethernet PPOE line (building) straight into the router.

    Initial experiences:

    - The ASA 5505 and the RV016 hated each other. Funny, both made by Cisco. They would not live together. The ASA couldn’t even ping the RV016 reliably. Even with PING enabled in the firewall, half of the pings did not go through. This seemed to be related to the DOS settings, but even with DOS off, pings were dropped by the RV016.
    - Also, because the ASA is a router, and because the Motorola TA is a router of some sort, I did set "Dynamic Routing" to "Router" ( as it should be.) This led to instant cessation of all activity on the RV0ß16. It died. The only mode I could work it in was Gateway.
    - With the ASA removed and the mode set to Gateway, the RV016 worked, kind of. It crashed several times a day. Needed to be repowered. (I quickly realized that the only missing hardware feature is the power on/off switch.) We upgraded to 2.0.17, same thing. Each office day started without Internet access. The RV016 had died over night.

    Continuous use:
    - The v2.0.20 firmware posted on this website improved things a lot. In the beginning, I thought: "Eureka! That's it!" And I posted a glowing report: http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=54707 . But after a few days, we realized that the issues remained. They just didn't happen as often as before. Down to every few days, but still intolerable.
    - After trying EVERYTHING (such as swapping all cable modems, even isolating the modems from the RV016 via single WAN boxes) we gave up. We replaced the RV016 with a Linux box running Clarkconnect and had no issues ever since. The ASA, which had refused to work with the Linksys from the same company, now lives merrily with Clarkconnect.

    One observation (and I don't know whether it's helpful or not: ) While running the RV016, it reported a HUGE number of attacks. Literally thousands a day. Lots of them from unroutable IPs. I thought: "Hell, this is China, it's dangerous out there." (We live & work in China, hence the need for lots of ADSL lines to get some semblance of bandwidth.)

    When we switched DOS off, the reports still continued to show up in Syslog. Only by switching the Firewall totally off, we could turn off the reports (and accept all pings form the ASA. ) It looks to me that a lot of the slowdowns are reactions to real or imagined DOS attacks, and that the DOS on/off switch is not working.

    When moving to Clarkconnect, with a fully-fledged intrusion detection/prevention system, it also reported attacks, BUT MUCH, MUCH FEWER. Is there a possibility of false positives, and after a while, the RV016 just raises the white flag and surrenders?

    Also, Clarkconnect handles attacks quite elegantly: It simply blacklists the originating IP of the attacker for a certain amount of hours - and complains no more.

    Nobody is perfect. But as evidenced by this thread and other postings elsewhere, these problems have existed as long as the product did - and they have not been addressed. I feel that the multiwan is too small a segment, no resources get alotted, and owners are being left in the lurch. Well, if that is the case, then recall the product and call it a day.

    This product is a black eye for Linksys and by extension for Cisco, a company that I had in high regard. Cisco should not put its good name on an unfit product such as the RV016.
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