RV016 Multi-WAN Configuration Question

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by telarin, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Ok, here is my situation, I need to setup our network so that all traffic for a particular set of computers goes out through a secondary IP address, but still through our regular internet connection. I thought I had a plan that would work, but I'm running into problems. I'm hoping someone can tell me why this won't work. Here is what I have setup so far:

    RV016 is connected to our fiber drop on both WAN1 and WAN2 via a switch
    WAN1 is configured with static IP x.y.z.154/
    WAN2 is configured with static IP x.y.z.157/
    Router gripes about an IP conflict between WAN ports when saving these settings, but it seems to take them anyway. Not sure why this would be a conflict as they are both different IP addresses, even if they are in the same subnet.

    At this point, I just plug in WAN1, and visit a site like whatismyip.com and get back the expected address for WAN1 of x.y.z.154, all seems good.

    Now I go to System Management->Multi-WAN
    Select IP Group
    Configure WAN 2 IP Group as Follows:
    Service: All Traffic
    Source IP: to 239
    Destination IP: /

    Save Settings

    Again, with just WAN1 connected, I visit whatismyip.com, still, as expected, get x.y.z.154, interface of WAN1, which is the only one connected.

    Now I plug in WAN2. Visit WhatIsMyIp.com from a computer with local IP and get x.y.z.157. So my question is, I have explicity set for traffic from to be routed through the WAN2 interface which has IP x.y.z.157, however, the RV016 has elected to route ALL traffic through that interface, regardless of the source IP. Is this fixable, or is this one of those Linksys features that they started to add, but never actually got around to finishing like the Multiple LAN Subnet feature?
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