RV016 -- Multiple Subnet -- TCP handshake failure

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by iGloo, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I am trying to get a RV016 works with multiple subnet.

    The multiple subnet part works perfectly.

    We currently use a PPoE static ip connection (77.xxx.xxx.xxx) and 8 static ip in another subnet (66.xxx.xxx.xxx).

    We have a few servers using the 66.xxx.xxx.xxx static ip's.

    66.xxx.xxx.200 is our network
    66.xxx.xxx.201 is the network gateway
    66.xxx.xxx.202 to 205 are assigned to servers.
    66.xxx.xxx.208 is our broadcast address.

    The servers can access the internet with no problems (links http://www.google.ca works perfectly) or ping other hosts.

    Users inside the lan can access the servers (http, ssh, ftp) but users OUTSIDE the lan cannot access any server resources.

    The RV016 shows in the log that the connection is received from ppp0 and is being transmitted to the right ip (66.xxx.xxx.202). The 202 server logs shows nothing (no connection request).

    When doing a connection to the server, with 'netstat -anp' from the server side, et see all the connections stuck to SYN_WAIT.

    On the client side, all we see is Connecting to 66.xxx.xxx.202... and it eventually times out.

    We thought it was the firewall, so we defaulted back, added a catch all rule (allow everything from everywhere to everywhere) and it did not solve the issue.

    Anyone would have a clue of what is happening?

    We did have a second ISP (double WAN on the router) but we removed it since we had that issue.
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