RV016 v2.0.13 Beta Firmware Released

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Toxic, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Ok guys Linksys has given me authorisation to release this as a beta.

    The main difference is the firmware now supports Multiple Subnets from network page.

    RV016 Firmware v2.0.13 Release Note

    New Features:

    0. RV016 in the gateway mode now supports multiple class c subnets, each connecting to the LAN of RV016 through a router. To use this feature, administrators need to specify the multiple subnets in the Setup->Network->LAN Setting page of the Web UI.
    1. Support Custom DNS, a paid service provided by dyndns.org. A Custom DNS checkbox is added to the Setup->DDNS->DynDNS.org page.
    2. Support IPSec NAT-Traversal in both Gateway-to-gateway and Client-to-gateway modes.
    3. RV016 will listen to ports 443 and 60443 for QuickVPN connection. Remark: Earlier firmware listens to port 443 only.

    Issues Fixed:

    1. Fix the "Selective Acks Off" issue that affects performance.
    2. Fix the issue with saving a pre-shared key with apostrophe.
    3. Fix the subnet mask issue. Remark: In previous firmware, when the router's subnet mask is set to,,,, or, you will no longer be able to change the subnet back to
    4. Restrict the Dynamic IP Range in DHCP Server Configuration to be in accordance with the LAN IP and Subnet Mask configuration of RV router. For Example, when LAN IP/Mask =, the DHCP IP Range the user can configure will be restricted to the range of through
    5. Fix a PPTP Server problem that failed to establish PPTP connection when DMZ Host enabled.
    6. Disallow users to set x.x.x.0 in the LAN IP address field.
    7. Fix an issue with enabling IPCompress (IPComp).
    8. Update the on-line help of VPN Client Access (Quick VPN) to explain the two versions of firmware of RV016. The default version supports 15 QuickVPN clients; the q50 version supports 50 clients.
    9. Add "linksys.com" as the default Domain Name and leave Host Name to be blank after reset to factory default.

    Known Issues:

    1. Changed the DHCP Server implementation. When the DHCP client requests the IP address of DNS server, RV042 will offer the DNS server's IP address obtained from ISP. (In previous firmware, RV042 offers its LAN IP as the DNS server's IP address.) However, if users configure a DNS server in the LAN and specify the IP address of the local DNS server on the Web UI, RV042 does not offer the local DNS server's IP address to the requesting DHCP clients.


    Discussion of any relevant problems this firmware should be done in this thread in this thread. if you have a bug, please give as much details as possible of how to replicate the problem, and what methods you have tried to fix it.
  2. vreid4736201

    vreid4736201 LI Guru Member

    DHCP Issue Info. It appears that, if you enter DNS addresses in the DNS server spaces on the DHCP server page, these manually entered DNS addresses will get passed to clients instead of the ISP default. At least that's how it appears on the RV016
  3. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    ^^I thought that was exactly why that was there. :) Indeed that is what you get but on mine those DNS entries also just happen to be what I'm using on the WAN. My first DNS entry is a server at the far end of a VPN and the second is the ISP. Works like a charm. On a reboot it has to hit the ISP server one time to resolve the VPN end point hostname (dynamic IP) and from then on it runs internal/VPN DNS, WINS, yada.

    >>One thing of note, I'd suggest doing a factory reset and clean config. At least check every config, I found some old firewall entries and port forwards that I had previously deleted. They showed up again. Not a big problem at all to confirm and fix.

    I'm pleased that we can have the opportunity to get this done. Thanks guys and I'll say thanks to Linksys. It isn't easy or common to get companies like this to actually listen, implement, and "allow" it to be released here. I don't think they want RVs to take away IOS business but this beta fixes important issues and adds functionality that it really needed for the market that is most likely to buy it IMHO.
  4. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    WOW, this is going from bad to worse with every release..

    Here's what i did : I upgrated from beta 2.0.12 to 2.0.13. I then reset the router to default values using the GUI option and configured it for my needs. I have 3 auto-load balanced connections.

    Speeed wize, loadbalancing is at the same slow speed, but i'm still testing my BT to get a more concrete answer. I'm not even approaching 2Mbps even though i have 1 cable connection of 10Mbps down and another one of 7.5Mbps down :s

    Stability however has gone down the drain. My LAN connection completly drops out and gets redetected within 3 seconds. It does this once every 15 - 20 min. Very annoying. Of course, my MSN connnection still drops out due to the connection table in the router getting full really REALLY fast due to all the BT transfers. Please, Linksys coders, INCREASE the connection table in the router to something like 200000 connections and allow us to ADJUST the time out to whatever WE want. See www.DD-WRT.com for a clue. This thing has 64MB RAM, please USE IT!

    *Sigh* currently waiting for the next beta or a miracle

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    adisor19, what MTU setting do you have on all 3 connects, and are they all ADSL?
  6. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    Hi Toxic, I have 2 cable modem connections using DHCP and i have 1 Microwave modem connection using DHCP as well.

    I only found 1 place where the MTU is set : Firewall -> General -> MTU = Auto (1500). It's been always set to auto..

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    try setting it to 1500 manual
  8. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    I set it to manual 1500 and there is no change. Downloads are still slow.

  9. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Can you confirm without the RV unit you get full speed on your download test? just curious as to the MTU on your OS and if any other thing is affecting throughput. we need to rule out the RV totally for confirm the finding.

    Also are you using a localised speed test. large file from your ISP's ftp server would suffice.
  10. sterner

    sterner LI Guru Member

    With this new firmware for RV016, multiple subnets can now reach the internet:) I have no problems with download speeds. I have tests that reached almost 6MB. Not that high with users on the internet of course. I just hit 3MB on a test 5min ago with users online. I have MTU settings set manually for each of the 3 WAN ports in use. 1500 for cable and 1492 for the 2 DSL lines. I have load-balancing enabled.
  11. videomasterz

    videomasterz LI Guru Member

    sterner how do you set manually each wan port? I have MTU at manual 1500 solved some of my problems. BUT I downgraded to 2.0.3 for the best stability right now.

    I do get dropped like adisor19 before when using new firmware 2.0.10 and higher 2.0.12 . IF I download alot like 600KB constant I'll drop my msn will disconnect and my speed will dramatically decrease. With 2.0.3 im ok totally fine!

    adisor19 do you get event id 4226 ? in your event viewer ? check it in your control panel. Here is a patch:


    it will increase your download speeds at least it did for me, since default windows xp only has 10 concurrent open connection, I increased mine to 100.
  12. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you may also want to try TCP Optimizer available in our downloads section this tweaks much more TCP settings to help throughput on the OS.
  13. sterner

    sterner LI Guru Member

  14. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    Is someone using this BETA version with the QuickVPN client? With success?
  15. CoBrA2168

    CoBrA2168 Network Guru Member

    what does this work for?
  16. bobbaerwalde

    bobbaerwalde LI Guru Member

    What does this do (mult subnets)? & how can I setup fall over for tunnels?

    This may sound 'dumb' - but what does multiple subnets accomplish that can't be done with an appropriate netmask? Also (and more important - for me at least) is there any way at all to set up IPSEC tunnels that are redundant or will auto fall over from one WAN to another? I realize at a minimum that FQDN would need to be used instead of IP and that there would be a delay while a service like dyndns changed the DNS entry.


  17. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Multiple subnets config lets you do NAT on that subnet(s). Without it you can only NAT the main LAN subnet. Some routers will blindly NAT any subnet but that isn't A Good Thing(TM).

    On the RV082 there is a Tunnel Backup section where you can pick the WAN port. However it only accepts an IP instead of an FQDN. Very handy.
  18. bobbaerwalde

    bobbaerwalde LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the quick response! As to the mult subnets - I agree, infact that will save me a 'downstream' router here<g>. On the tunnel backup - I can't find it on the 082 docs - and is there any indicaton the feature will be added to the 016? I read the specs and the user manuals on both routers before I bought the 016 and didn't see any features on the 082 the 016 didn't have...if there is I'm not going to be too happy about it.....I foolishly expected to be able to set up an FQDN for each WAN on the router and have the Tunnels fallover automatically - in fact, that's the main use for the router. Is there any way I can 'hack' this for the time being?


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