RV042 1.3.1 2004-09-24

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    RV042 Firmware Revision History
    v1.3.1 2004/09/24
    1. Fix PPPoE connection problem with Westell/Bell South.
    2. Fix packets received by neighboring port on LAN side.
    3. Fix the system crash caused by IP fragments.
    4. Fix the system stalled due to protocol binding setting.
    5. Fix the routing problem after DHCP client release its IP.
    6. Fix the problem on adding more than two protocol binding rules.
    7. Fix the problem on removing equalizer after failed on NSD.
    8. Fix one to one NAT problem.
    9. Fix UPnP interoperability with MSN.
    10. Fix the syslog stalled problem while hiting with heavy loaded events.
    11. Enhance the NAT session cleanup logic for setting up session efficiently.
    12. Fix UPnP Presentation URL from “/index.cgi†to “/â€.
    13. Add a rectangle button on choosing descending/ascending order on [System Log] page.

    v1.3.0 2004/08/18
    1. Support full-range remote management port setting
    2. Support full-range configurable Load-balance bandwidth
    3. Support the Network Service Detection functionality.
    Purpose: It detects the connectivity between Router and specified host.
    It will log messages or remove connection when connection dropped.
    4. Support the Protocol Binding functionality. It allows users to specify IP or/and service passing through the specified WAN port.
    5. Remove the Bandwidth Threshold options. Because it got hard to understand when it working together with the Protocol Binding.
    6. Support the DNS Resolved functionality. It allows users to specify the IPSec Remote Security Gateway IP as a DDNS name.

    FCCYMIS Network Guru Member

    RV042 firmware

    Just a note I have had a lot of problems with this router. Here is an email I sent to Linksys. I also received bad firmware from there supposed Tech Support in the Philippines 3 times from 3 diff techs. Now I’m getting disconnects about every 10 mins. I purchased this product (actually 7 of them) since this was to be the first product with Cisco involved. What a disappointment.

    20 JAN 05


    Here’s the latest…

    We were able to set up successfully a VPN tunnel and connect end-to-end through the Internet to a remote location with firmware 1.3.6.

    Apparently your assumption was correct – that establishing a VPN through in a test environment does not work. In my opinion, this failure is a violation of OSI 7-layer model.

    Perhaps you could contact (or allow us to) engineering to correct this. The network topology (I believe) should have nothing to do with the ability of the VPN to successfully tunnel end-to-end.

    If you would take two rv042’s (or similar models) connect them on their primary interfaces to a class A net – say and attempt to simulate the VPN as we did you probably can duplicate the same problems.

    I would like to speak to a mgr to air his grievances with respect to the level of response we got prior to getting established with you.

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