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    I have a RV042 sitting behind Linux firewall (ipcop with public ip). The ipcop is also doing the vpns. i want the rv042 to pass all traffic from WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN, no vpns no firewall just pass traffic.
    The problem so far is than i can't ping the RV042,s default gateway ( the ipcop box green) but the Diagnostic program can, i can ping every ware else outside past the ipcop, including the remote sites via vpn, and also have internet fine, also from our remote sites i can ping via vpn all the way through the ipcop to the wan interface on the RV042 but not the LAN side?.
    i have Access Rules that permit all trafic from all to all any to any.

    (i have 192.168.1.x on both the LAN and wan interfaces trying to avoid double Nat)
    I have net and i can reach remote sites. But the remote sites stop at the wan side of the RV042 . i can’t manage or ping the ipcop unless i plug direct into the perimeter zone

    Getting frustrated
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    could it be because I have on both internal and external interfaces and it is being picked up as a ip spoof attempt even with the firewall off?
    I was trying to avoid double Nat
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