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  1. skyrock

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    i'm a new guy to Routers. I read information from linksys.com and bought RV042 router. It seems works. But i have a problem with 'Content Filter'. I need to block some web sites from this router.
    I tried to use 'Enable websites blocking by keywords' feature in RV042. It doesn't work for me. Why? My ISP has a proxy server. We are behind ISP proxy / firewall. We have to use the ISP's proxy to get internet connection. So is it cause that problem with router to do content filtering? Or does it need any content filter license from linksys to use?

    Please advice me, suggest me. i'm new to routers....

    You are welcome to email me at newsrec@gmail.com

    RV042 - dual-wan
    Firmware ver

    I'm testing with WLL broadband (fixed-wireless broadband)
    i can browse internet. connections is fine. but i can't filter web sites....
  2. skyrock

    skyrock Network Guru Member

    Please reply me

    Any recommendation?
  3. BrandonIT

    BrandonIT Network Guru Member

    Skyrock, I'm not sure what your problem could be. First off, I don't think that being behind a proxy server should matter. Your request will still go through the RV042 first, which should see an "http://www.<blockedword>.com/" request and stop it.

    Now, you are aware that the "content filter" is not REALLY a "content filter", it's more of just a "word filter". Basically, unless the URL has the word IN the URL, then it won't be blocked. You can't put "intercourse" in and block all related sites. :eek:
  4. skyrock

    skyrock Network Guru Member



    It is because of behind proxy. I have tried it. In here, even through we can't access internet without proxy address we still have access to our ISP home page. So, when I tried to block this ISP url word in the keyword and also browse with direct connection then it worked. The address was blocked.

    So, it is because of behind proxy.

    However, now i have an idea that is i put the addresses that i need to block in the IE's Exception list for proxy.
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