RV042 and two ADSL lines but only one works

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by helzayat, Aug 1, 2005.

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    I have two ADSL lines, one with Link Dot Net and the other with Egynet (It did say to mention the ISPs). I also have two DSL modem-routers: a DLink DSL504T and an Alcatel Speedtouch Pro. Either one works with either DSL line as a modem/router. I can connect both to my network and select which one to use from each PC by setting the default gateway. So far so good, but I wanted to have ALL my PCs connected to BOTH lines. So I saved for and bought a Linksys RV042 router with dual WAN connections. To use it I am supposed to set the modem to transparent bridging and let the router do the connecting using PPPoE. I set the Alcatel to bridge, connected it to the Linksys, gave the Linksys my userid and password and was able to connect to the Egynet line. Did the same with the DLink and again could connect to the Egynet line. Changed the VPI on both modems (the only difference between the two ISPs - one uses VPI=8 the other VPI=0, both use VCI=35 and VCmux/PPPoA) and tried with the LinkDotNet line - no luck with EITHER modem! The Linksys talks to the modems but they don't answer back (PADI sent no PADO returned.
    Changed the VPI again, connected to the other ISP - no problem. Grrrrr! Egynet, the ISP with VPI=8, lets me connect either using the modem/router as a router or as a modem. LinkDotNet, the ISP with VPI=0 lets me connect only in router mode, but not in dumb-modem mode. I took the Linksys out of the equation by trying to connect directly from Windows XP Pro with identical results.
    Now I know this is a convoluted and hard-to-read posting, but if you are still reading, do you have ANY idea what is going on?
    Thanks in advance
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