RV042 and VPN Passthrough not working?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jmbillings, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. jmbillings

    jmbillings Network Guru Member

    We have an RV042 in load balancing mode, and we're having problems with vpn passthroughs. Incoming PPTP connections are forwarded fine to our server, but we also need our LAN PC's to be able to connect out to client sites. 2 or 3 of these sites have given us their own VPN software pre-configured (Safenet VPN, Sonicwall and so on) and we cannot establish a connection. The IKE negotiation stage fails.
    I have bonded IPSEC, L2TP and the IKE service ports to one WAN channel incase it was that causing problems, but still no joy. I don't think it is the NAT causing the problem, because if I plug in our old Zyxel router (single channel NAT) the pc's can connect straightaway.

    I have a router-router IPSEC Tunnel set up in the RV042 and I wondered if this was somehow conflicting with the client connections, so I disabled that, but it didn't make any difference.

    Have just upgraded to the latest firmware.

    Any more thoughts?
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