RV042 - BEFSR81 Passthrough (how many concurrent tunnels)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by motech12, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. motech12

    motech12 LI Guru Member

    Set up a RV042 on the main warehouse and can get both the QuickVPN and PPTP clients working without a problem.

    The question I have is regarding the remote locations connecting to the RV042 at the main location. I want to use Client passthoughs at the remote locations and NOT an end-point router. At the remote locations I may need to support MORE then 1 passthrough CONCURRENTLY.

    I have been able to pass 1 tunnel through by enabling IPSEC + PPTP passthrough in the BEFSR81 but can I passthrough 4 tunnels concurrently?

    How many tunnels can I passthought this router? Is it one one at a time?
    Can client 1 and client 2 and client 3 and client 4 at the remote location all connect to the RV042 at the main location and access shares on the host computer ( AT THE SAME TIME or is only one 1 tunnel supported at a time? I know that the RV042 can handle it but can the BEFSR81 handle 4 tunnels concurrently?

    REMOTE Location------------------------HOST LOCATION------HOST SERVER
    client 1 ===>----(
    ( ---WWW---RV042 (pptp) ===>----Host Computer
    Client 2 ===>
    Client 3 ===>
    Client 4 ===>
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