RV042: Clarification on what mode to run route as

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by scott_tnz, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. scott_tnz

    scott_tnz LI Guru Member

    I thought a DMZ set up would work but I can't get the LAN nodes to talk to the servers indside the DMZ.

    I'll explain our setup.

    ISP has defined a WAN address for us of (example)
    and also allocated us an address range under under a slightly different address subnet of: range through too

    The address range is for us to use for our mailserver,webserver and other services we need a static IP for, the WAN address for general web traffic. Their is a modem which sits infront of the RV which just connects us to the ISP and forwards all traffic to the RV.

    I've set up the RV042 to work in DMZ mode, and set the WAN IP to and for the DMZ I set the DMZ "mode" to Subnet (as the WAN IP and the IP range are in different subnet's)

    When set up like this, the servers inside the DMZ can talk happily to the outside world, and the outside world can talk to them.

    The nodes inside the LAN can talk to the outside world but not to the servers in the DMZ (connecting to their static WAN IP).

    I made a firewall rule allowing port 25 traffic for example from ANY source, through to an IP in the DMZ.. and I can see a hit on the firewall log from a LAN IP, saying connection accepted but nothing actually makes it to the mailserver.

    Where have I gone wrong?
  2. scott_tnz

    scott_tnz LI Guru Member

    I realise my post is a bit confusing.

    Basically I have a WAN IP of:
    DMZ with IP Range: <->
    Nodes inside the LAN have a NAT'd 192.168.1.X
    Nodes inside DMZ have their static IP assigned along with a 192.168.200.X

    Nodes inside the LAN can't talk to DMZ (tried connecting on both Static puclic IP and 192.168.200.X address).
    Nodes outside our network can talk fine to the DMZ'd machines.

    Firewall does show a connection accepted, but nothing actually shows on our mailserver logs for example.

    I guess it may be a static route I need to add but I have no idea what needs to be there..
  3. scott_tnz

    scott_tnz LI Guru Member

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