RV042 - DHCP not forwarding addresses, FTP port 21 not working

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by tmolesky, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. tmolesky

    tmolesky LI Guru Member

    My network is setup as follows:

    Cable Modem (Optimum Boost) -->
    Linksys RV042 (WAN Port 1) IP: -->
    Linksys 16 Port Gigabit Switch SR2016 (RV042 Lan Port 1 out to Switch) -->
    Gigabit Switch SR2016 out to Punch Panel, Panel out to approx 12 ethernet drops in my home office

    Crossover cable connected to LAN Port on SMC 2804WBR IP: and SMC 7004VWBR IP: ... these two routers have static IP's set on same subnet, both on Channel 11 with same SSID.

    The wireless routers will not distribute IP addresses from the RV042
    Before installing the RV042, I had a Linksys BEFSR41 4-Port Router hooked up to the EXACT same network and the SMC Routers distributed IP's with no problem.
    Any computer plugged directly into wall will pick up an IP Address.
    If I set the wireless computers to a static IP address and put in the Gateway, Subnet and DNS manually, they work like a charm. Automatic DHCP does not work at all.

    My second glaring problem:
    FTP port 21 not working

    I have Ports 20-21 (both TCP & UDP) set to forward to my server at
    No one outside the subnet can connect via FTP on port 20 or 21. The connection times out. I turned off the Firewall completely - connection refused. There is no software firewall on the server itself.

    My FTP server has a Web-based interface as well that works on port 8000.
    The works fine, as does Port 80 for the web server (all still on the same IP:

    Does anyone have ANY insight to these issues? Extensive Google searches have turned up NOTHING. Other than these problems the RV042 works great - the VPN works perfectly and I would hate to have to replace it because maybe i forget to check or uncheck some obscure setting...

    All feedback appreciated.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    not too sure what your ftp problem would be my ftp port forwarding works fine here. my WRTSL54GS is connected via a LAN port as well and uses the same setup (Static IP and same subnet)
  3. tmolesky

    tmolesky LI Guru Member

    Could it have something to do with using a Switch versus using a Hub?
  4. tmolesky

    tmolesky LI Guru Member

    Ok - I got FTP port 21 working from outside, but still the same issue with the DHCP - wired clint get an address, wireless client do not.
  5. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    So you are serving up dhcp addresses from the RV-042?... what does it show in its logfiles and the dhcp active device logs? Are you connecting the LAN side of the SMC's into the RV-042 or the WAN connector from the SMC into the RV-042? If the SMC WAN port to the RV-042 LAN port... you would need to make sure you are passing dhcp requests through the SMC wan filters.

    The switch should not make a difference.... unless you created some virtual lans (VLAN) and isolated the SMC's from the RV-042. (not sure SR2016 supports vlans....)
  6. tmolesky

    tmolesky LI Guru Member

    Here is my System Log entry as it pertains to any mention of DHCP:

    DHCP lease info: ip[] mask[] gw[] host_name[UNAVAILABLED] domain_name[NOT GIVEN] server_name[NOT GIVEN] dns_server1[] dns_server2[] dns_server3[] ttl[64] mtu[576] renew_time[2007/4/4 18:57:23] expire_time[2007/4/5 01:38:36]​

    I Think that is the outside IP address from my ISP.

    The SMC routers are connected from their LAN port 1 with a crossover cable to the ethernet drop, which goes back to a punch panel, connected to the switch.

    Let me know if you see anything unusual about this... Thanks
  7. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    If the dhcp address is from the ISP, that could be part of the problem... many ISP's limit the number of dhcp devices on client networks. Really only one dhcp address from the ISP is required by yoiur RV042. The question is do you have your RV042 configured as a dhcp server and is it serving up addresses to the clients. If so the IP's would be 192.168.4.xx. On the SMC's you could configure them to dhcp from your RV042... and serve up new SMC unique IP (say 192.168.2.xx). You would also need to ammend the firewall rules on the SMC's to allow ftp through. And you may want to set the firewall rules on the RV042 to make sure ftp is allowed from the SMC's

    Are you allowing ftp from the internet? If so, make sure you really lock down the server -- ftp hosts are easy targets.
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