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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sbazsi, May 22, 2007.

  1. sbazsi

    sbazsi LI Guru Member

    I have an rv42 router.
    I want to have two separate networks.
    One for the office, another for the guests via additonal wifi router.
    Is it possible to set up the router with the following:
    The office computer connects to the 4 lan ports of the router.
    The guest computers are connected via additiona wi-fi router, that is connected to the dmz/internet port of the router.
    How to set it up?

    Both networks should acces the internet, but shouldnt see any resource of the other network.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Doing it just that way should work. The thing someone will have to clarify as i have not used an RV series is if the DMZ port by default is segmented from the lan ports. As long as thats the case it will do just fine. It doesnt matter if by default the lan can go to the DMZ as long as the DMZ cannot go to the lan (as it should be). Run the DMZ port to the wan/internet port of the AP (assuming a router here) and leave the firewall on. This way it keeps the lan out and all should be good.
  3. sbazsi

    sbazsi LI Guru Member

    im not sure i understand you.
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Yes it should work just the way you described, if it does not then let us know and we can move on from there.
  5. sbazsi

    sbazsi LI Guru Member

    At the moment im behind another router, just until i cant figure out how to configure, but i dont think it matters.

    This router know I think two different ways of dmz, if i understand well:
    1: is the usual dmz as a common router knows.
    2: a special dmz/internet port, where i could connect a server, with an ip that i need from isp.
    Also think because if i switch the dmz/internet port to internet option, there also available the dmz host option in the menu.

    So I tried the following:
    1: Routers LAN IP: , DMZ port ip:
    Its strange for me, because at the system statistics it shows an ip for lan dns and lan gateway, but there is nothing at dmz port dns and gateway.
    There was no internet on the dmz port.

    2: Connected both computer to a lan port of the router, and they saw each other. Then I set one of the computers to a dmz host, but they still saw each other.

    The help of the seeting management says:
    In order to allow such services, RV042 comes with a special DMZ port which is used for setting up public servers. The DMZ sits between the local network and the Internet. Servers on the DMZ are publicly accessible, but they are protected from attacks such as SYN Flooding. Use of the DMZ port is optional, it may be left unconnected.
    Using the DMZ is preferred and, if practical, a strongly recommended alternative to Public LAN Servers or putting these servers on the WAN port where they are not protected and not accessible by users on the LAN.
    Each of the servers on the DMZ will need a unique, publishable Internet IP address. The Internet Service Provider used to connect the network to the Internet should be able to provide these addresses, as well as information on setting up public Internet servers. If you plan to use the DMZ Mode, contact your ISP for the Static IP information.
    Subnet: If select Subnet, DMZ and WAN will be at different Subnet."

    It request an ip address, and a subnet mask to work. What should i try?
    Maybe it wont work as I thought?
    Maybe the easiest would be to use 3 routers, on to sit behind the modem, and two other connected to its LAN port, and behind the routers everibody would be in safe?
    The only thing i would miss the vpn of this router. because if i connect another router behind it, the vpn wouldn work.

    (after tomorrow i won't be at the office for 2 weeks.)
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