RV042 Dual WAN issues

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by williamfock, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. williamfock

    williamfock LI Guru Member

    Hi guys,
    I have a RV042, configured with cable broadband @ 30mbps d / 1mbps uplink (DHCP) and a adsl @ 10mbps d / 1mbps uplink (PPPOE). And i have issues surfing net when i enable dual-wan load balancing and msn and some games also. I am running on firmware

    I have tried to contact linksys help but they told me that i have upgraded to a 3rd party firmware and unable to support me.

    I have some success only when i bind the protocol of port 80 to WAN 1, however i found out msn and the games also need to bind in order to work sucessfully..But is this how a dual-wan load balancing should work? Shouldn't it balance automatically rather than having me to specify which WAN to go to? Pleask help...thanks
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly the firmware is NOT 3rd party. it is beta firmware from linksys developement team. Personally I dont use dual wan but i have noticed a trend starting hear the automatic Load balancing is not doing what it is suppose to do.

    can you give me the symptoms when load balancing is set and no protocol binding is done? what actually happens, i cannot just say users have "issues"

    please be more specific.
  3. williamfock

    williamfock LI Guru Member

    Hi toxic,
    Ok i think i have solved the problems, firstly it's because my adsl modem is basically a router which dials it's own PPPoE and my mistake to configure RV042 to use PPPoE (And it still works by giving me a WAN IP; dunno why). However there are a lot of dropped / error packets from the WAN2.
    After i configure WAN2 to be DHCP, it works like a charm.

    I wish the next firmware upgrade will have more controls for fine-tuning load balancing and route traffic via the shortest route / lowest latency of the wan links.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    ok cool.

    btw what MTU setting did you have?
  5. williamfock

    williamfock LI Guru Member

    I have set it to the recommended 1500 stated on this website...:)
  6. williamfock

    williamfock LI Guru Member

    New firmware

    Hi Toxic,
    I see you have the firmware, but i tried to download from the "Downloads section but it states incorrect file ID. and i can download the file...

    What are the changes in this new firmware anyway?
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    MTU at 1500 is fine for Cable but you will stuffer on DSL. since you have dual WAN and two different types of net connection set it at the lower 1492 , for DSL, as this should help.

    OR use my tutorial and change MTU for each Interface via telnet.

  8. tasnim

    tasnim LI Guru Member

    MTU Setting

    Dear Toxic,

    We have just acquired the RV042 recently for our office. The firmware version is Firmware version : (Dec 23 2005 10:09:32). We are looking around for answers that may help us solve our challenge. The first thing is that you mentioned ADSL MTU should be set 1492. We are currently using dual WAN feature from this router. One connection is provided by an ADSL, and the other one is by a VSAT satellite modem. What would be the recommended MTU for VSAT connection.

    In regards to the firmware. Should we upgrade our firmware to the most recent version posted on the website. What happens should we encounter problems on the firmware upgrade. Can we use the full reset button to restore the router back to the factroy default ?

    Please advise and thanks so much. Rahim
  9. aviegas

    aviegas Network Guru Member

    RV042 Dual Wan and load balance

    My experience is that load balance and protocol binding are still broken on Sometime it works, sometime it does not. Same with binding. Still not have found a pattern.

    What's new with Will it have the Bandwidth management as the 82?
  10. brownerd

    brownerd LI Guru Member

    I have my MTU setting at 1500 - I have 2 Cable modems that run at 20Mb/sec. down and 3 Mb/sec up. Is 1500 the best setting for me? Is there a formula to determine what my MTU should be set to based on the band width?

    1 more question - where do I set the port speed for each WAN port, I saw it once and set it, but now I can't find it again to check/change...

  11. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    1st, yes, the reset button will restore the device to factory defaults.
    2nd, the reason that the MTU is setup differently for PPPoE links such as that for DSL is that you are leaving enough room in the Ethernet header to allow for the extra overhead of PPP while still keeping inside the standard total frame size of an Ethernet frame. Ethernet frames must be in the range of 48 to 1500 bytes (64 to 1518 with link header and trailer) to be "legal" in most switched Ethernet networks.

    My understanding is that most cable technologies don't require this extra framing since they are not authenticated/managed by PPP. Thus a 1500 byte frame size is desirable.

    As for VSAT, I would demur to other's knowledge. Whose VSAT gear is it, EMS, Telesat? Check with the manufacturer. If authentication of the link is required I would bet a couple of $ that you will need a frame size less than or equal to 1492 bytes.

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