RV042, FTP vs. load balancing problem

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by complak, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. complak

    complak Guest

    I have a problem with RV-042 ( firmware) router.
    There is a FTP server behind the router. I've set up port forwarding and noticed a strange problem accessing it from Internet.
    I have two ISPs (WAN1 is faster 2048/2048, WAN2 is 128/1024).
    If I choose "Smart Link Backup" FTP works with selected WAN without any problem.
    If I use "Load balance" and set "Max. Bandwidth provided by ISP" to above parameters I can FTP via WAN1. If I try lo login via WAN2 ftp client logs in, but after "dir" stops with "Can't open data connection".
    If I reverse bandwidth parameters (cheating a little ;-)) I get this problem on WAN1 (and WAN2 works well).
    I tested both passive and active FTP mode - no effect.

    Any suggestions ?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    have you tried the newer firmware? in our downloads. v1.3.7.9
  3. iccountants

    iccountants LI Guru Member

    I had the same problem with FTP / Web and Mail server.

    I tried forwarding FTP 21 (Both TCP/UDP) SMTP 25 (Both) Web 80 (Both) POP110(Both) and FTP PASV 1024 to 5000 (Both)... to my server still I had the same problem. I discussed 10 times with Linksys Tech support , without any result.

    I then forwarded allthe ports (1 to 65535 - Both) to server and in Access rules I made rules for 21,25,80,110 1024-5000 (Both in all cases) and set Source Interface, SourceIP and destinationIP all set "Any" This solved my problem.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I dont have dual ISPs here but my suggestion would be to bind the FTP protocol to one of the other WANs if its annoying you.
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Not sure, but I think you might also have to port forward the ftp-data port, port 20 (tcp).
  6. brownerd

    brownerd LI Guru Member

    Geeesh this is killing me!

    I have the RV042 with firmware running 2 cable modems in load balance mode... I am trying to FTP out to a server (NOT on my network), but I keep getting an error message that says:
    Unable to build dataconnection: Connection Refused.

    I have bound the FTP service (port 21) to WAN port1, but I am thinking I need to bind port 20 (as another user suggested above) to the same WAN port. Does anyone know how to do this? It appears that the only protocols that can be bound to a specific port have to be selected from the list - is there a way I can add port 20 to the list? At this point I need to switch back to my BEFVP41 and not use the new router :frown: TIA!

  7. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Sure. Simply click the Service Management button under the Service protocal list and then add the TCP port 20 and what ever your name for that choice will be. Save it in that pop up box. Then choose your new selection to be bound to WAN port 1. :)
  8. brownerd

    brownerd LI Guru Member

    still going nuts!

    I added port 20 as you said (don't know why I didn't think of that!) When I try to send a file to an external FTP server I do the following:

    - open DOS window from Win XP
    - logon to FTP server
    - type 'bin' (for binary format)
    - type 'prompt' (so I can send a bunch of files)
    - type 'send *'
    then I get the following error:
    425 Unable to build data connection: Connection refused
    or I get an error that says:
    Netout :Connection reset by peer

    Thanks for any help you might have.
  9. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Sorry. I don't use the FTP program included with Win XP, but use WS_FTP Pro instead.
  10. brownerd

    brownerd LI Guru Member

    now I am confused

    I grabbed ws_ftp Pro and it works! It looks like either my MS FTP client is broken or simply not compatible. In either case it works now - although not very fast (110KBs) :frown:

    Thanks for your help!
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