RV042 loosing one-to-one nat

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by arbrayton, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. arbrayton

    arbrayton LI Guru Member

    Loosing one-to-one nat about every 4 hours. VPN's stay connected, can log into router remotely. outbound traffic works, cannot reach servers from wan. No entries appear in log file about failure.

    Switch between Smart Link Backup, and Load Balance, then switch back, and one-to one nat works for about another 4 hours.

    Swapped out router, but used existing config file. Same problem.

    Waiting for after closing to swap back old router, with hand entered config, and 1.3.9 fw.

    Any suggestions?

    reentering data by hand fix issue.
  2. bpriller

    bpriller LI Guru Member

    Not that it is much help, I have the exact same issue. In fact I had to configure Forwarding to get around this issue for the time being.

    The one thing to note, was I found just going to the one-to-one NAT screen and clicking "Save Settings" without making any changes was enough to buy me another 2-4 hours.

    If anyone has any ideas on this, it will help two of us greatly.

    FW: 1.3.9

    I will try a complete rebuild from hand to see if I can correct this issue.
  3. bpriller

    bpriller LI Guru Member

    Did a full by hand configuration after restoring to defaults. Within an hour, it dropped NAT.

    I will more then likely look for a different dual-wan router.
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