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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by otaku521, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. otaku521

    otaku521 LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone...

    I would need some help from you guys... I just started to try to build a VPN connection between my home (3 computers) (ADSL - dynamic IP) and my office (8 computers) (DSL - Fixed IP Connection)

    Well the story goes like this: since I needed a more stable vpn connection I signed with my with local telco's fixed IP plan... I told the sales that I needed a fixed IP connection for VPN usage and the person told me that their minimum plan has 8 ips... so I signed up with their most minimum plan that they have...

    On install day...they give me a router + modem and set up everything fine (can get online) and left...

    they gave me a RV042 as the loaner router (as long I am with them I can use it) but then they password blocked me from logging into the router so I can set up the vpn... I was ticked off as I was that the telco tech refused to give me the login as they said it is their equipment and that I am not allow to touch it... I said fine.. I get my own instead (even thought I plan to get my own set in the beginning anyways...)

    but now they refused to give me any settings whatsoever... so I "reason" with them... and they finally give in and gave me the following:

    "True" IP: 125.xxx.xxx.105 to 109 (currently open NAT)
    Gateway: 125.xxx.xxx.110

    Static IP:

    WAN: 202.xxx.xxx.185
    Gateway: 202.xxx.xxx.186
    DNS: 203.198.xxx.208 / 218.102.xxx.208

    now if I get myself a RV042 or RV082... is it possible that I can set it up with these settings? if so, how? I see that there are some one to one NAT settings going on... and the 125.xxx.xxx.xxx IPs are probally their tunneling IPs to telco's center

    also, even if I get this working as before (without VPN) what IP should I use on vpn for fixed IP side? 202.xxx.xxx.185 IP? or the 125.xxx.xxx.110 gateway IP?

    so far.. the telco tech is less than helpful and the sales person refused to return my calls for help... I am lost...

    I am very confused now, and would appreciate some help please.. thanks!
  2. otaku521

    otaku521 LI Guru Member

    no one has any idea?
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    The best way for what you want is to create a site to site vpn. However inorder to do this you need a vpn router on both sides of the connection. Also since you now have all the info you need you could reset the RV042 your isp gave you, set the password to whatever you want and input all the necessary information to get it working again. Assuming they gave you all the right info. I guess the best way to check that is to go out to a traceroute site somewhere in the world and run traceroutes back to all the ip's they say you own. If they all come back to you then its probably all correct. I'm sure you will have more questions so post when you do and I am sure someone will get back to you.
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