RV042 problem with Comcast cable

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by geneg, Nov 10, 2006.

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    Northen California. Comcast workplace enhanced static IP. RV042 router v1.3.7.4. Has SMC public/private business IP gateway supplied by comcast (8014 i think).
    Configured the RV042 with the supplied static IP and plugged it into the comcast/smc box.

    FYI, the comcast/smc box uses unnumbered bridging between comcast and the customer site. hence when logged into the smc box, there is a WAN IP, but no default gateway for the smc box. When another router is connected (especially to provide VPN services), the other router needs to be configured in a (30bit) subnet, with the default gateway being the WAN IP of the smc box, and the WAN IP of the router being one less (so 174 is the GW, and the WANIP is 173).

    So I configured 1 RV042 and placed it on a SBC/ATT dsl, then configured the second RV042 and placed it on the smc box. The G2G VPN went up rapidly (remote management view). No problems at network on DSL. So I plugged the switch (linksys sd216) that had all the computers connected to it, into the RV042. No PC could access the internet, even the ones with static IPs.
    Release and renew for the DHCP clients, now it works about 20% of the time. Basically get 80% packet loss.

    The 2 networks are and Why would I get massive packet loss? SMC hates linksys? Any IP networks that should NOT be used internal to RV routers, and why not? Are VPNs numbered or unnumbered?

    Have another customer using a different comcast/smc public/private gateway with a RV02 (for quickvpn), same city, "workplace enhanced", no issues, works great, very fast.

    Going to try;
    1. swapping routers (maybe a bad router).
    2. setting it up again, then add 1 PC to RV042, since if problems happen again.
    3. maybe firmware upgrade or downgrade.
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