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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Steve Morris, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Steve Morris

    Steve Morris LI Guru Member

    I recently installed an RV042, and while I mostly like it so far, I have not been able to configure QoS without it destroying my throughput.

    I have a 10/1 Mb connection to charter; and want to use QoS to ensure that my VOIP traffic has priority.

    I tried both the bandwidth and priority flavored settings and in both cases as soon as I enabled QoS the throughput of my normal traffice went from 10Mb (download) to closer to 1Mb.

    I realize that there is a penalty and I could loose some performance by reserving some for VOIP but this is ridiculous.

    If the settings worked as advertized, I would it would have reserved 60% (I used the high setting) for VOIP, of course this is absurd, I don't need anything like 6Mb reserved for VOIP, but it didn't even do that right, I don't know what it reserved, but all that normal traffice got was 1Mb.

    My question, has anyone been able to configure the RV042 to give them QoS for their VOIP traffic without sacrificing too much of their normal traffic performance.

    I did see some pointers that suggested using the per-port bandwith shaping, but I've not tried that yet. Anyone have any details on what that is supposed to do, or how it works in practive.


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