RV042, QuickVPN and Comcast

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by BVI_mike, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Gang -
    I think I have read every forum in here and like many people I am having trouble figuring out the VPN and/or QuickVPN. I have tried everything listed so far and am still not making it past "connecting..." and then getting the "Failed to Estabilish a Connection." with the 4 standard possible reasons why.

    I am using a RV042 router on comcast cable network. I only need the ability to connect to my home network via VPN Client (QuickVPN); no second router or anything like that. Its just for few computers to access files at home while on the road.

    I have spoken with and chatted with at least 4 different Linksys Tech's and I think that have confused me even more.

    According to everything I have read I should just be able to plug the router in, add a VPN user and then connect using QuickVPN. (I think that has proven to not be the case)

    I've been playing with this thing for hours and I am lost.. any thoughts or help would be most appreciated.. I could be really close or so far off and not even know it..

    Thanks in Advance..
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