RV042 Relationship between VPN and Firewall?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by fred3, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. fred3

    fred3 Network Guru Member

    Since a VPN is defined for particular IP addresses and is an encrypted tunnel, then what affect, if any, do the Firewall rules have on the VPN.

    It seems there are only two choices:

    1) The Firewall doesn't affect the VPN communications at all.
    2) The Firewall does affect the VPN communications (outside the tunnel).

    If (2) then does one need to set up Firewall rules that mimic the VPN setup? If so, what are the recommended / necessary rules?

    As a related matter, what do the VPN Passthrough settings have to do with VPNs implemented on the same box? Anything? I should think that one would not want or need to passthrough packets that are being *handled* on the same box.


  2. fred3

    fred3 Network Guru Member

    It appears that the Firewall does affect the VPN in the following sense:

    It appears that traffic on the LAN interface, from the local LAN, to the remote LAN, must be specifically Allowed in the Firewall if all other traffic is to be Denied through the RV042 (used only as a VPN box).

    Assuming that the firewall works at the interfaces (which makes sense) then this interface and interaction takes place before packets enter the VPN tunnel.
    Whereas, it appears the VPN takes care of itself on the WAN interface and in "feeding" the LAN interface.

    I wish this wasn't all determined empirically........

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