RV042 Routing Issue dual WAN

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by tasnim, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Dear Toxic,

    Another thing that we are experiencing is how to do the routing and forwarding inbound. We are using dual WAN with 2 public IPs. They are an ADSL and a VSAT modem. Attached in this forum the diagram

    I would like to add several information to VSAT modem. The terminal public WAN IP is We're not sure whether NAT is enabled on the VSAT. The ADSL is a Linksys AG041 ADSL. You can view the local IP for both the ADSL and the VSAT. On the ADSL, we disabled the firewall and do a port range forwarding from 1 - 65535 to RV042 WAN 1. The same thing goes for VSAT. However, there several ports that are reserved for the VSAT internal maintenance.

    We managed to create access for the from the public by using the port forwarding and open up the firewall access rules and the respective ports. We managed to access the above server if we use the which is assigned to the ADSL (Encapsulation: RFC 2516 PPPoE ) by the operator. It is a static IP. However, when want to use as the public IP, it doesn't work. How does the theory work ? They converge on the RV042 eventhough they have different public IPs. Can RV042 handle multiple WAN IP connections and route them to a single server?

    When we tried the one-to-one NAT and use the as the WAN access, it worked, but then we can't use and access the server. How do we use both public IPs and still access the same server?

    In regards to FTP, we can't have an access through the router. We tried other FTP ports such as 25 or 1024 to server as examples. Does it require the operator's intervention in order to open up the necessary ports eventhough we have allowed such rules in our RV042 rules ?

    Please advise. Thanks so much.

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  2. whiny

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    I am having the same issue... please let me know if you are able to solve it
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