RV042 - RV042 VPN - can only ping between networks

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by anthonyeeles, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Hi All. First off, great site!

    We're currentl running a VPN between 2 RV042's between HQ without any issues at all over 2MB SDSL. No problems with this VPN at all. Pretty stable (except when the key resets when the VPN is under heavy load - but that's another post). This has been working fine for months.

    I've just been to our new office and installed a third RV042 with the view to setting up a second VPN tunnel to our HQ from our new office. We're in a managed office, so this is NATted. behind the managed-office firewall on a private IP range. but it's a shared 10MB leased line, presented to me as a normal ethernet connection.

    I've got the tunnel configured in agressive mode, using the new firmware's NAT traversal option at both ends. The new office RV042 authenticates as Dyn.IP + FQDN (because I'm NATted) and HQ responds as fixed IP (this is the only difference to our other VPN where the remote office is on a static public IP. ). I haven't touched MTU settings anywhere, and I'm using exactly the same PH1 & 2 security settings on both tunnels

    Once i've connected the tunnel appears to be up and stays up. Routes have been configured on all our servers (as the VPN router in HQ is not the default gateway)

    Up to this point everything seems OK.

    What's wierd is that sitting behind the remote router, I can now ping servers in HQ, but I can't access any services. For example, If i try to use NSLOOKUP against one of our domain controllers's IPs in HQ, it just times out, even through I can ping.

    Any suggestions? I'm new to the RV042's so don't know how to telnet into them to change anything not exposed on the web mgmt UI.

    Firmware on both with the NAT traversal.
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